Try to be frank – a Poem!



Do you feel bored?

Do you feel isolated from life?

Do you feel people poke jokes on you?

Do you feel alone in the weekends?


I feel that way and I don’t have friends.

I know how does this feel, without friends.

The time you become alone!

You may feel scared, you may feel wrong.



Learn new things, don’t stop yourself,

Open new horizons, keep on exploring!

Don’t think too much if you cannot act smart,

Act as you are, and try to be frank!


With love,

Vikram Roy


If You Mind?


“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi


They ignore you every day, they laugh at your ideas,

They said “you are ugly”, and you felt alone.

Loneliness killed you inside and you cannot speak.

You fill bored, they do enjoy it.


You are silent, they will giggle on you.

You are helpless, they will shower words on you.

If you speak, they will suggest to lower down your voice.

If you say “leave me alone”, they will jump on you.


You are facing a situation that you are unprepared,

You may first time living outside.

Please don’t worry about it.

They are the people just like you, feel free to talk to them.


Don’t bother if they are still ignoring you.

Don’t be afraid, if you are still alone.

If you lost hope, you will lose everything.

Better you learn how to handle the situation.



With love,




Zester of Life

We are less worried about ourselves,

We love, living a sour lime life,

We chill, we forget, and we ask for more.

Can’t stop! We ask for more, more, and more.


We drop word bombs, and shower acid bulbs on others,

We swear to take responsibility for our loved ones,

We spend some good time together,

Then we forget our responsibilities.


We have a ready-made excuse by saying,

” I am just an ordinary human, not God”.

We try to skip out of the situation,

But far we try to escape issue runs behind.



With Love




Your Chance To Win!

What are you waiting for?

This could be your chance to win!

Don’t stop now! You are closer than you have thought!

Believe me! You are closer to win this all.


Don’t think twice, start today!

Move forward to get all the rewards that you ever wished for.

Be honest and trust in yourself!

Read this foolish poem correctly. Rewards to be won.


Don’t forget to take the next step and move ahead!

You are born to win and nothing can stop you now.

If you have just started playing, then play hard!

If you have played earlier then set your next goal.


Remember, if you are smart then the rewards could be all yours.

Mistakes may happen, but don’t need to worry!

Don’t stop and don’t think twice.

Becoming a seeker is better than being ignored!



With love