India has a masked society where people lavish all kind of pleasures but chup chup ke! It is also one of the major problems of our society. Spouse hides extra marital relations, young boys take marijuana, young girls raped and hurt in relations blah blah bla…!

Sex is also a major part of life; don’t be another confused Gandhi! No one deny the truth that making love will save the human race. Sometime all the simple matters we hide from teenagers. Many parents avoid to talk about love, sex, relation, condoms to their child; even misguide them to talk with different genders.

In adolescent the child become frustrated about life. They takes so many wrong steps that become psychotic, even commit suicide. They become addicted in prostitutes, alcohol, and drugs.

To prevent these things it is not possible to teach everything in school or through media. Sex education is also not a solution because the subject will unable to perform any practical lessons. Solution is the parents, they should change themselves first.

One thing is very important that we have to save our young stars from rapidly growing pornographic elements that teach wrong sexual experiments on body and mind!

Parents, specially the educated parents can easily teach some lessens through easy counselling, like friends. I think only the parents have the honesty to solve sexual confusions from their child’s mind. I do not know how far I am right but truth is always the key of light. If parent warns a boy to stay away from a girl then it will obviously strikes on his mind to know the difference!

So No More Hide N’ Sick, One Day Your Child Will Lead The World!


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  1. Maria Donas says:

    Maybe it´s not possible to teach all things in school, as you say, but very good Sexual Education can be given, at least the most important basis.

    Many times young people feel more comfortable talking to a Consellor than to their parents, because some parents will understand but some won´t; on the other hand teenagers can receive accurate information keeping their private life private at the same time.

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