Me: Come my lord.

The Monk: God bless you child. God bless your heart. Did you ever see the sea?

Me: No my lord!

The Monk: You must go and see the sea.

Me: Why my lord?

The Monk: I come here to take you with me.

Me: Is it important?

The Monk: If not then how you imagine the depth? How you protect yourself from the tsunami rising in the future?

Me: I am in peace. I can only see a tsunami in human race. They are forgetting to protect themselves by giving birth of thousands of child. They are going blind of electric voting machines and mobile phones.

The Monk: Who they are? Are they demons? Are they killing monks? Are they disturbing universal peace? Tell me their positions, I will kill them.

Me: They are everywhere in the earth, air and water.

The Monk: Are they very strong?

Me: They are stronger than man.

The Monk: Disturbing man? Did they carry sharp swords?

Me: Lesser swords you can see the episodes of Star Wars!

The Monk: So they breaking the laws of nature?

Me: They are breaking the laws of Newton.

The Monk: Oh My God! Who is he?

Me: A Scientist.

The Monk: Social Science! A Seduction?

Me: Artificial seduction like digital girls, porn films and toys.

The Monk: Aha how they are look like?

Me: Have no particular in size.

The Monk: Are they stronger than me?

Me: They are stronger than Baba Ramdev.

The Monk: Where they live?

Me: In the pockets of gentle men and purse of ladies.

The Monk: So horrible? People should through them immediately.

Me: People are hypnotized. No escape!

The Monk: They can also hypnotize?

Me: Yep they do.

The Monk: God sends me to kill them. I need some arms. I should go back. But it will take 100 years to come back. What should I do now?

Me: You can call God if you want, it will save the time!

The Monk: How?

Me (take the phone, type the toll-free number “000”) Yeah! God, please hold for a second! (Turn on loud-speaker) the prophet is on the line.

God: Yes Son! What happen?

The Monk: Father can you hear me?

God: Bolo beta!

The Monk: Father you know the earth is captured by mobile demons, they live in the pockets of men and purse of ladies, they hypnotized all people in earth, I need some guerrilla force to attack them immediately. I want to put out these silly low-born creatures out of men’s pocket and women’s purse. I want to kill them one by one.

God: Keep patience my son. I am coming as Kalki! Don’t need to hurry just note down the problems. Take Care!

(Cuts the phone)

The Monk: Roger that! Ok Father!! What the name of this Yantra? This thing is fantastic and saves time. You know little man this conversation saved 100 of years. Tell me I want to buy it now.

Me: This is the deadly creature. This is called Mobile.

The Monk: Ha ha ha. You are kidding sweet man.

Me: No I am not kidding.

The Monk: Ha ha ha ! But how it seduces people? It is an object! You are kidding dear friend. And heaven have a toll-free number. I am going to the market. (Vanished)

Me: Yeah you are right prophet, you are hypnotized too!


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