Think about the ancestors, how far-advanced they think of us?  Once you go through the blue print of the civilization, you will be able understand the future. The outline is drawn long long years ago. I studied literature, Shakespeare, Milton, Shaw, but in real life how much I access the real thing? I don’t want to bore my boss to explain some real thing! But I laugh, nod and appreciate on every foolish wit and lie uttered by the ass. “You watch the star wars episodes? You know I “like” those fluorescent light beams, ha, ha, ha…”

So, finally you realize that Gmail is more important than twitter and facebook. Can you imagine a single day without log in to your favorite social networking site? Someone says, “Yaar, I think my neighbor is more impotent than chatting with a mega-star sitting in Hollywood.” Trust me your neighbor will help you in times but the star will flirt you every time. Yep, the trick is “like” the imaginary horizontal and vertical lines we draw on the surface of the earth that we call the latitudes and longitudes.

Invention of social network becomes more important than the invention of gravity! Do you remember the “Newton’s Laws”? Please don’t search “Google”! We become too fat that stuck in between the walls of information.

Yesterday I see a dream that my Internet service is blocked forever. I wake up, completely bathed in sweats. OMG how could I live without “wordpress”, “blogger”, “facebook” and “twitter”? Intelligent people are adopting pets; planting trees; talking with the butterflies, air, earth and water. They think mankind is getting self-centered. One of my friends is researching on “Who are involved in the social networks?” He says, “People using social networks are acting more like monkeys than an ordinary social guy. Because they are getting detached from the real society, culture and friends surrounded by. “

People hardly know all the members living in the same flat. Last time I see my next-door neighbor more than a week ago walking through the street. Every one is busy in adding their types. That means people love to share thoughts, they love “making love”, they look for people who listen to and understand them. Love, marriage, and sex are getting sentimental and less important? Isn’t it cool that facebook investigation commission (FIC) set up by your curious wife at home is also saving a lot of money than paying a private detective? But don’t worry playboy, all of us know that the trick will not let you down.


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  1. smartie94 says:

    So true. Progress has alienated humanity. Well written.
    You can also promote my post here!

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