5 min  – Documentary   – Release date:  14 November 2011 (India)

Director: Vikram Roy.
Writer: Vikram Roy.

Hi guys after a long waiting finally I directed a short documentary film under The Eye of A Storm production banner. Before talking about my film I want to thank YouTube and Facebook because I think these are such big ideas to bring broadcasting in our fingertip.

LIFE, The Magic of Creation” is a promising project and I say it carries a good philosophy inside. The project is around 5 minutes only and it divided into 8 chapters. Shooting location is in India and the theme is designed on nature.

Several media affair make our daily life a disaster. Television makes human being homesick with unnecessary bunch of information. 24/7 media is totally unfair, is all about ethical and unethical issues of the mankind! Some people live like dirt, insects, to rip out by the media, and religion misguiding others to forget all about the nature. Money makes us blind to survive. Everything is changed; inside man goes away from the nature day by day.

 About the film:

LIFE, The Magic of Creation”, the film is divided into clusters. There are 7 chapters that ending with an epilogue. The prologue is written long before the magic of creation, so it is not included. You guys know better than me. So I do not include the “well-known” part in my film. Let it be an original.


Almost I used all natural sounds for the film. But there is a background sound track that I used during the post production is ripped from African Witchcraft & Ritual Music, it was so important for the film. I was looking for natural music that is truly coming out of the heart of mankind.


The film is total cost around 3.5lacs, including travels and post-production. It takes three years to complete the simple project. Financed by Mr. R.P. Roy, postmaster general from Kolkata division.

 The Eye of A Storm:

It begins silently in “the heart of India”, New Delhi in 2009. The production is a non-profit organization. There are amateur artists involved in that production to contribute their creativity and ideas.

 The Film:

The film first named “LIFE, The Mystery of Creation” but “Mystery” is creating such a rumble that makes me feel to include good animations. May be the film expecting it from the beginning. I personally mad about animations and special affect, but the nature and content is so natural, that I finally decide to change the name “LIFE, The Magic of Creation” with purpose and without animations.

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The Story: There are seven chapters and an epilogue that I already mentioned above.

 Chapter I (The Face of The Earth)

Location: Marina Beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

It should be the surface of the Earth, but the surface of the planet is large enough to include in a short film. So “The Face of The Earth” is showing some footage of salty seawater. The water is all around, it begins life and it flows life too. It is the face of the earth.

Chapter II (Drinking Water)
Location: Abbi Falls, Coorg, Madikeri, Karnataka

Except sea life, all the trees, animals and birds depend on sweet drinking water. Drinking water is the source of life. No one can survive without the liquid and it is not possible to preserve the source of drinking water without rivers and waterfalls.

Chapter III (Day Apart The Night)
Location: Uttarhalli, Bangalore, Karnataka and Moitrabagan, Basirhat

The image is Biblical. “Day Apart The Night” here means friends and enemies, good and evil. In the Vedic literature once I read a story about a wise rishi putra who loved a girl and they decided to marry. But before marriage the innocent virgin bitted by a poisonous snake and died.

In Bible the serpent to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree deludes Eve and it decides the future of mankind. So God created the earth for the sons of Adam and Eve. And a long story that the serpent, the evil follows us for lifetime. Paradise is full of mysteries, magical lights, sweet music but the earth is divided into day and night and a noise followed by the sound all around.

Chapter IV (Breathing Wild)
Location: Snake Park, Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Harishpur, Basirhat

Animal’s ripped out of their wild habitat to live life decided by human being. Examples: A crocodile, the animal entertains people without taking money, it is surviving a life in a cage, limited foods, and in the sun heated days of summer surviving without enough water. Second, the hybrid fishery, a place where fish are reared for commercial purpose! The sizes of such fisheries are too small to breath in properly. What life we give to these poor animals? May be as cruel as we imagine, what the hell live like? Third is a domestic duck roaming happily into a pond thinking human being is so friendly? But it doesn’t know, one day she will become a delicious dish to a human being.

Chapter V (The Season)
Location: Moitrabagan, Basirhat

“The Season”, each of the four divisions of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) marked by particular weather patterns and daylight hours, resulting from the earth’s changing position with regard to the sun. A period of the year characterized by a particular climatic feature or marked by a particular activity, event, or festivity.

Chapter VI (It Takes Time)
Location: Harishpur, Basirhat, Paschimbanga and Manesar, Haryana

Man domesticated animals, “It Takes Time” to tame wild animals and their habits in service of the mankind.

Chapter VII (The Devil’s Worship)

Location: About all the religious organizations situated all around the earth.

People tame people in their service by the name of Politics, Lordship, Power, Business Strategies and Religion. People are honest and hopeless because in a certain point of life, all of us know the truth that “we are not immortals”. The religious practice is the name of that ‘BUSINESS’ to focus ‘particular human being’ and give them credits to earn lazy and easy life with lots of respect and dignity, “Sacrifice to God”.

There is noting like sacrifice in corporal behavior, all people born to fight against their survival, to enjoy earth, animals and ecosystem surrounded by. Education is important to understand the ecosystem to live friendly with the trees, animals all together. A mutual understanding is always important with nature through science and invention to protect the human race. Reading stories about religious teachers, their sacrifice for the shake of human being to protect and purify our sins is completely fake and ignorant way of living.


Location: Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Showing a father and a child, God and the Son of God is standing by the seashore. Protecting the child is the duty to the father. It is the only hope to live a happy life.

“Woman is all about nature is to give birth to their child to save human race. She looks for a safe and secure place for their upcoming issues and to provide them a happy future. That’s the reason, true loves that defines and suffers break up by the laws of nature. “ Dr. Devi Prasad Nanda (MA, PhD English Literature, Vice Principal under The University of Calcutta 1966-1986).

Releasing date scheduled: 14th November 11 on YouTube.
Thanks. Vikram Roy. (The Director of “LIFE, The Magic of Creation.”)


Hi, I am Vikram, a friend of you! I would like to take this opportunity of personally welcoming you to my blog! You can read my book “The Alchemist A Mystery In Three Acts” Available now on Amazon.com : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005IDUD4C Always love, Vikram Roy

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