Evergreen romantic superstar Dev Anand died in London following several cardiac arrest. The news is like the heart beat of Bollywood stopped for a moment! I am a massive fan of Dev Anand and this article is a tribute that I memorize some of his great works. As a film director, Dev Anand was not successful but he tried to focus different stories apart from traditional Bollywood bakwass.  “...Bollywood for hip, sleazy ugliness.”— Alan Moore, interview with Science Fiction Weekly. But Dev Anand is far from Bollywood others.

The actor inspired me through many of his films. It was in the early 90’s, I watched Dev Anand first in Haré Raama Haré Krishna (1971) based on international Hare Krishna Movement in the 70’s. Heera Panna (1973) was another mind-blowing performance. I can still remember the scene where Zeenat Aman was putting the stolen necklace into the car’s petrol tank and from a long distance Dev Anand was following her activities. The nostalgic journey of a Bombay Taxi Driver (1954) is another touch of creativity. All of the films he acted are concluded with a reasonable message.

I watched Guide very recently along with my friends. We are discussing about the master piece. In university, The Guide was a compulsory text on Indian English Literature section. Reading the novel and watching the film, surprised me that every single act described in the novel is immortalized. The humanist appeal in R. K. Narayan‘s original novel The Guide become alive in Dev Anand’s acting.

I thing in his final days, he was much neglected by the Indian film society. They always do neglect the old and the best ones!

I can’t remember his famous film Jewel Thief (1967); going to buy the DVD to increase my all time best collections.



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  1. Abhinav Kant says:

    I also want to watch that film.

  2. Abhinav Kant says:

    really he was an evergreen hero, full of joy. he was an example of the quotation “live life lively”…..

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