India is the largest example for population tsunami. In January 2011, I was travelling in the heart of India, the capital city, New Delhi. The population in India is growing so fast, “Maut Ki Chunauti” or danse macabre means “Dance of Death” is the slogan under the electronic auto count board. About 60% percent of Indians are extremely poor. Poverty, malnutrition, people are dying without daily bread and butter.  The government, media, corporate, NGO and highly educated people are extremely serious about capturing political power, and increasing personal bank accounts! The questions are arising:

Where are the headlines and breaking-news?
Where is the outrage?
Why media is making fool the public through yellow-journalism?
Where is the humanity?
Where is Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev etc?
Where is the government?
Why none of them is standing against the issue of birth control?

Fotografia: © Vikram Roy, Ring Road AIIMS, New Delhi 2011

Fotografia: © Vikram Roy, Ring Road AIIMS, New Delhi 2011


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  1. gomagoti says:

    what’s written on the billboard?

  2. Thielges says:

    This is a great post!

  3. Tincup says:

    Overpopulation is probably my number one concern because you can pretty much wrap all the other problems around it. It is a quite the conundrum isn’t it?

  4. Actually there is space for everyone, its just the way we concentrate ourselves in cities etc that makes the problem look worse than it is. I was in India once several years ago, what hit me was the difference between wealth and extreme poverty sitting side by side. I guess when you live in a society that is very fatalistic people just accept it and the authorities aren’t motivated to do much because, well, that is the ‘fate’ of the poor. Maybe this is also one reason why the driving is so bad, if you have an accident it is due to fate and not your driving???

    • Tincup says:

      The human being needs to decide whether he accepts fate as nature does, or does something about it. Currently, we take the middle ground which is not sustainable when money is the blood of society. I think we should do something about it and confront fate…but that would take great visions and sacrifice.

  5. cgosling says:

    I enjoy your thoughts. Overpopulation, our biggest and most lethal underlying world problem. Well said.

  6. Gloria Warchol says:

    Interesting article!

  7. pramodlohia says:

    I had written my concerned post on overpopulation sometime a year back, children are poor man’s wealth. this menace will continue until forced laws do not come into existence like china. here in india child becomes the bread earner for the father from the age of 7 or 8, he is an asset to him. so he keeps on multiplying his assets. govt. has no concrete plans to block this. they in fact now give money to child to come to school. now, poor parents get another bonus, they register their child in 4 to 5 schools and are getting good money too. All these are motivators to the poor to produce more children.

  8. kayemofnmy says:

    You are right – most problems that India faces are because of overpopulation and government apathy. Take the influx of people into our cities – 1000 a day in the nineties. The government promises infrastructure to the villages, some of them spend quite a lot getting their houses wired in anticipation. The govt breakes its promise as a lot of the funds are siphoned off by corrupt individuals. With no proper roads or electricity, what chances are there for our villagers to earn a living? They move to our cities. Tavleen Singh (famous columnist) said on twitter that all our cities will turn into one large slum and sooner than we think.

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