The Alchemist A Mystery in Three Acts

© “People are dreaming in fantasy one day they will wake up.”

© Paperback Book Cover Preview

“There is an irony in this play, in the good word wonderful sense of humour and defending all the true values which are essential in our lives, such as PURITY in our souls. The true values which make our lives worth living!”

– Graça Outeiro

You are a hermit but also a radical. You fought all those battles to build castles, temples and then you spoil them. You always blame others. You never even try to be aware of the fact that the ALCHEMIST is living inside.

You are never alone but try to remember the last time you have talked to someone. You have just one heart but you are dual minded. Name, fame, money, none of those can make you immortal. Trivialization once you ignore will create complex. You should have a try to defeat pain with a smile on your face. It is called the happiness.

A review:

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Wishing you Happy Christmas!



The Author.

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  2. Dear Vikram Roy,

    I am truly happy to see you published, and I am really interested in reading your book. Thanks for the advice. I am going out for a party to day. I will meet some family members to eat and drink together, so honestly I don´t have time to read your blog today, But I will come back to read more of if later on. You and I seem to share a lot of interests, like psychology. I will get back to you soon, to read your blog and I have Kindle, so I look forward to read your book.

    I will get published next year, but in Swedish. Hope to translate the book into English some day. Writing is my life, and I participate in a group for writers. Maybe you and I could exchange some writing experiences with each other?

    have a great day, and take care of your self out there in the wor(l)d.


  3. VIKRAM ROY says:

    You are welcome Magdalena Wiklund… will glad to listen more from you. I appreciate groups. It increases knowledge and improves thinking. Hope you will enjoy my book.

    Have a nice day for sure!


  4. Hello Vikram!

    Your book sound intriguing to say the least and I look forward to reading it as soon as I can get my virtual hands on it!

    Oh! Thanks so much!

    Julie Dee!

  5. Thank you Vikram,

    Now, to see if my ancient flaptop will let me download then use one of the e-book readers… this should be vvvvverrrrry interesting!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I am looking toward to starting this on Monday. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

  7. Kana Tyler says:

    I just downloaded–looking forward to the read! Thank you. 🙂

  8. I love this genre, as you must already know by my works. So I am going to kindle and hope I don’t throw my coputer against the wall.

  9. swabby429 says:

    Inspiring to read this heads up. Will download. Thanks!

  10. Ilana Mccarron says:

    I have collected the book and amazon kindle fire immediately after reading your post. Thanks! 🙂

  11. snacksandwrites says:

    What doth sloth wrought for you and I? Not that we’re an item, but your book is. And I am slothy. So I must go through the instructions above to acquire your works…. I will. Until then I appreciate your kind words. Danke.

  12. Joe A Scaria says:

    Hi Vikram

    Good to know about your book.
    I should be picking up one, soon.
    Glad you liked my news blog.

    Joe A Scaria

  13. I’ll tell my sister who is a Kindle fanatic about your mystery—free, nice! good luck!

  14. Renjith CK says:

    as per “Tripura Rahasya” – the question ultimately is, whether the experience is your “own”…?

  15. digitalcamerasbrl says:

    Strong notion!

  16. pozycjonowanie says:

    What made me think about such a great play. Its seriously I am not the only one that feels that way about it. Keep it up!. I have observed your writing and would say that is great since they have give me new suggestions and new aspects. I discovered all the answers of my 40years complicated questions about creation, God and my existence in that book. Many thanks for this details. Outstanding terrific great.

    • renjiveda says:

      It’s really interesting that a writer that much busy, gets time to ponder on every replies, even if such a small one like mine. Thank you for the reply.
      Shakespeare said “five fathoms deep my father lies”, but here it’s nine fathoms deep the truth lies.
      And why this “complicated questions” …..? Why shall not we begin by asking simple questions..?

  17. rsofesqpac says:

    “Great things come once in a life-time!” Your play is one of them. Nice work!

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