Virtual society in global knowledge village is most powerful. Definitely blogging is to rise our voice enlightening living through words.

A nice positive story of virtual friendship, I love the article. Specially the part where he has mentioned “But despite all the differences, I found that I had more in common with him than I could have imagined.” Why people in cyberspace are spending their precious time? All of we are looking for people with similar tastes and interest. May be, they don’t have good sense of humor; they are from another world; they are unaware of our customs and cultures and they don’t like the things that we like. Who cares about the little things in real friendship? May be people are getting detached from their society; may be they are getting uncivilized in a virtual world of cyberspace fantasy. Where people get real interest of living?  Freedom is there! People give value to people who have in similar taste of science, arts and literature. I do appreciate the modern “human picture” drawn by ShimonZ.

After reading the content my Portuguese friend  Graça Outeiro says, 

I must say that meeting virtual friends is an experience I have already had although, for the moment, with people from my own country. This because lately I haven’t been travelling much.
But I have met very interesting people, 3 of them are painters, they have come to my place and I have also been too theirs. They are exactly what they look like, no different from what I’ve seen on facebook. We are really close friends now.
And I have met some others, one girl from Germany invited me to go there, there is a Brazilian girl coming to Portugal in spring. I am sure I will have no bad surprises. 
If I could travel more I would know people all over the world, from Venezuela, to Turkey, to Italy,etc , only that is not possible at the moment. For me people in the virtual are like people in real life, I have the same consideration, and respect for them… Big hug from Portugal.


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  1. w.skaleales says:

    Nice idea.

  2. forsythkid says:

    I checked out this post and found it to be interesting due to the fact that I also share a virtual friend by the name of Bill. Thanks for the redirect!

  3. orlando gustilo says:

    I totally relate to what you wrote here. Maybe contacts on the Internet are not as good as meeting people face to face but the technology allows us to “meet” people from all over the world we wouldn’t otherwise meet! And as you pointed out these contacts could lead to actual physical visits. I love cultures and people personalize those cultures. Knowing them I vicariously live moments of their lives and that expands my own experience infinitely!

  4. mcolmo says:

    Nice meeting you. Hello from San Juan, Puerto Rico!

  5. Sometimes I don’t really understand that classification of “virtual” friend.
    Instead I know more about “empathy”.

  6. I want you to know some thing from the beginning of this record knowning that one thing is that this: We care about you i seriously imply that.

  7. robinfilm says:

    Virtual friendship is the freedom of thinking to built new world that religions and politics become unsuccessful of.

  8. mziks says:

    Virtual friendship is more important than nuclear science!

  9. mkzfikg says:

    Is ACTA will also affect on virtual friendship?

  10. buy neti pot australia says:

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