There are three well-known divisions in the society, according to the wealth. And there are numerous divisions according to the merits. Very funny… in high school I was 36 number in my class among 109 students in the section. There are four sections A, B, C, D. I was started with C and finished my Diploma in section A, Roll Number 36. This is not the social class study. The title given here is to write some honest words about the social trio. So the roll number fluctuates according to the merits. Why every person around the world is different from the others? May be, we are born with a roll number into the society!

Like the holy trinity theory of every holy scriptures, every society is running by invisible holy trinity. The Higher Class (Section A), The Middle Class (Section B), and The Lower Class (Section C). There are also many of the divisions in each of the sections.

The Higher Class Theory:

Who eats, wastes, drinks, and spends… “a lot“? Who has the power? Who rules the Middle Class and the Lower Class? Who buys, and sells others? Who becomes the favorite to the government and the laws? Very few laws have made to defeat them, They buy everything, like potatoes.

Who belongs to a society, full with pleasure, limelight, media, celebrities, business, money, events etc? Who shares share, loves like sex? They are macho men/ niche women, have big cars, luxury apartments, personal helicopters, airplanes, hotels, personal doctors etc. They arrange parties and invite the government and celebrities to celebrate a drink together.

They have a hidden slogan, ” If you are not belonging to us, don’t try to be a part of us! ” A few have eyes to see that banner. Next time you should try to discover yourself; you will find it is displayed inside every shopping mall.

The Middle Class Theory: 

Would I go and buy products from a Shopping Mall? Would I join SRK fan-club ??? The category of people think too much in decision making.

A family earning hundred thousands or more per month. They are taking an EMI to buy only one BMW, trying to show the same luxury, paying house loans, feeling jealous, have had no idea about their actual limits!

The shareholders, who shares sex on the same bed for the purpose of business? They knows the limit that you can’t cross. They are able to identify the bank and your credit LIMIT. Please don’t be a Middle Class fool or you will lose everything!

What is the future of the Middle Class?

You are a lawyer, a doctor, a scientist, or a small business owner or anything but try to understand, you are not a Shareholder. So be honest, please don’t try to act like a Shareholder! We both know, you are fake. Why are you wearing some mask? Don’t be a don, or a masked night queen to earn a lot of money! Take risk, make money but with honesty. It’s always difficult! Sometime after so many hard works in your entire life, you will be unsuccessful to become rich. 

History says that philosophers, scientists, artists, are born mostly in the middle class families. They create a value of their own intelligence. Most of them are successful, others are still unknown. The rest of the Middle Class are ignorant and egoistic. Once they become older, blindly follow religion, “Their Life Is Full of Errors!” Even they don’t have a proper society; most of them communicate with very few people surrounded by them. The Middle Class boys and girls misunderstand the words of LIFE and LOVE. They mean to opposite about everything! They waste time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social medias.  

The Lower Class Theory: Mostly ignorant. They are working for day and night. Sometime they get guns, and become desperate. They are innocent. They always have a fear of God, because preachers never enlighten them the words of truth that “God, Good, both are living inside. God is to LOVE, then why to FEAR Him?” They are BPL, terrorist, coolie, rebel blah blah bla… They are living a hardcore life into the slams.

But they do have a proper society. They have good unity. They are not cowards. They are brave to protest against the wrong. They are fighting for their existence.


Hi, I am Vikram, a friend of you! I would like to take this opportunity of personally welcoming you to my blog! You can read my book “The Alchemist A Mystery In Three Acts” Available now on : Always love, Vikram Roy

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  1. It’s a fine analysis Vikram, particularly of the upper class. What rich Republicans in the US are saying is indeed: “If you are not belonging to us, don’t try to be a part of us.”
    And they are also saying that they are no longer part of you and are entitled to every privilege.
    It’s a great blog.

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      Hi Micheline, it’s indeed the fact all around the world. Rich people are getting selfish. The latest tendency of their updated business policy is in the field of charity and NGO.
      Half of the Middle Class are getting blind after Higher Class luxury. They are getting selfish too. They don’t have the knowledge that the Higher Class happiness is nothing but ’empty vessels make much noise’. It’s like celebrity branding of a product that is losing its market. Media hype is all about making fool to the ordinary people. Ignorant Middle Class are getting bore in the society when they are discovering the tagline of the Higher Class that, “If you are not belonging to us, don’t try to be a part of us.” The people who actually understand their limit, are very few in the society.
      The Lower Class is not mentioned clearly in the post because in my country they are more than 60% and most of them are illiterate. They hardly have computers or read blogs. They always depend on others. My main focus is on the Middle Class; they should stop running after the Higher Class fantasy and luxury, or they will lose the happy world, they are belonging peacefully!

  2. I notice you talk about power as a possession, something to have or to lose. Check out my posts about Foucault and Freire (in my categories) and let me know if you think Foucault’s conception of power would add depth to your position. I think so.

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      Hi, I read your blog and the category that you have mentioned. I am little ignorant about Michel Foucault (Paul) (1926–84), French philosopher. I think you have mentioned him! Thats an honor to know about the fact that Michel Foucault from France think about ‘the concept of power’ that I am discovering in my time. I will suggest you to please read my book “The Alchemist A Mystery in Three Acts” to know more about my concept of power. Thanks to Ada the three legged dog. You are always welcome. Fingers crossed!

  3. Wow! You were really angry when you wrote this, weren’t you? You sound like a social worker who realized he can´t change the world by being who he is. Therefore he writes, using the pen as a power tool.

    I can recognize myself a lot in what your writing, I can see the anger within myself reading your text. I was a social worker once, but now I´m an author.

    What´s interesting, as you might already know after reading my blog, is that I´ve also travelled from the lower class to the pup class. I can really just see myself in all you wrote here. You´re a really good blogger. And man… where you angry or what?! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      Dear Maggie, You have desperately push the ball! You have reminded one of the major influence of my graduation time, “Look Back in Anger” by English playwright, John Osborne, the angry young man.

      You say, “I was a social worker once, but now I´m an author.” I become completely defenseless. In free times I work as a freelance photojournalist, the philosophy of social trio’s is an eye witness of the categories of people I meet in practical. The Higher Class luxury, The Middle Class fool, and The Slam Class ignorance. So I’m following the rule, “The pen is mightier than the sword”.

      I am missing here the Facebook “Like” button, so personally a big big like for your comment.

      Thanks and Hugs.

  4. Connie Wayne says:

    Hello Vikram Roy, I thought I would drop in and visit your site and get to know it and you better. thanks for your recent visits to my site A Hope for Today. I wanted to let you know that I have linked your site to mine as one of “My Neighbors” on “My Neighbor” (blogroll) page. I look forward to exploring your site more. Blessings, Connie

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      Dear Connie, you are welcome to my blog again and again. I too am a fan of your blog. Its my honor to become your neighbor on blogroll. “A hope for today” and tomorrow. Thanks.

  5. InnerDialect says:

    Yayyy to the lower class ignorant-brave-darling-warriors … whats their future / are they ignorant ? I think they know enough and talk least about it. ” Whats the point?” If they would do blogs I wonder what they would tell,
    Tx Vikram Roy for expressions here.

  6. swabby429 says:

    The centuries old Indian caste system proves that cliques die hard, if at all. Nice post. I can relate to your opinions in this.

  7. apollorose says:

    “Learn from the masses, and then teach them.” Mao Tse Tung

    The poor want a better life, sometimes wanting to be rich. Some do, and they become what they had despised when poor.

    The quote by Mao means, educate yourself on the people that you want to control, and lead or mislead them into thinking that you’re the only one that can save them or have the answers.

    Or make them think that they need to buy your products, so spend, spend, spend.

    Or . . .

    One of the worst things that anyone can believe or buy into, is that one particular political party or politician has all the answers, or even any.

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