This is the last post of 2011. This is a story. How I learn to defeat the illusionary world? The story is about my journey in three different cities of India. I have had visited many different people this year.

Who are successful of their own definition? In marketing language, they are called, “I am the man of word.”

1st, January, 2011 I celebrated the new year with four of my friends in a private hostel room in Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi and today 31st,  December, 2011 I am standing between hundreds of people in MG Road, Bangalore. Clockwise I moved around three Indian cities; 14th February, on Valentines’s Day, I decided to left New Delhi; put out to the east and come to my hometown in Basirhat; 23rd, August, I left Calcutta and shifted to South-India. First I had to visit Kozhikode, Kerala for a couple  of days, and finally I am living in Bangalore, Karnataka. Total 2471 miles (3977K.M.) I have traveled in 2011. Here is a map below.

Map of My Journey: Total 2471 Miles I Have Traveled in 2011.

During this topsy-turvy time my most faithful friends are:

1. Apple Ipod Classic (1757 songs, selected 73 videos, 5 photos including one of my own, and 328 favorite podcasts);

2. Sony W150 Portable Digital Camera, very friendly weapon;

3. MacBookPro 13-inch, fully loaded with 3026 books in my Kindle Library and the only source of my writing inspiration;

4. Three portable data card (Tata Photon+, Reliance NetConnect, and Micromax Mobile modem);

5. One Nokia Siemens wi-fi broadband modem;

6. Two external data storage device (Transcend 320 GB, and Seagate 1TB Barracuda fully loaded);

7. A Nokia Handset;

8. And three headphones including one Sennheiser HD.

Back to the point; how I become an Alchemist?

The Alchemist A Mystery in Three Acts” is an ironical name of my first book. The Alchemist, who can convert base metals into gold? “The medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter.” The purity of uncorrupted personality, can turn everything into gold. I am not a hermit, but the quality of gold is a paradox in my character. This is the mystery that I have discovered the condition in my life.

The paradox is a miserable truth that there is no shortcut to become an alchemist. Why not? Because the devotion of converting base metals into gold will end up your whole life and you will finally discover that you are not an immortal. The journey of search and research of chemical GOLD, is an illusionary process. The illusion, that we are running after, money, name, fame and good sex. The final answer of purity is hidden under the ground. The creation of God is full of mistakes. How men could be untouched?

Book Cover: The Alchemist A Mystery in Three Acts

Money: A few men and women are acting this role. Who has the knowledge of their own limits and earning honest money? They are staying away from people and media. They are searching for people; who are honest?

Name: The definition of happiness is also related with name. Even Paulo Coelho needs money. He is a successful alchemist. In economics, literature, art and science; there are so many successful men all around.

Fame: Who are focused by media? Name‘s are running backward in fear of media. Why people are suffering an identity crisis? The first reason is MEDIA, the second reason is THE MEDIA and the third reason is AGAIN THE MEDIA.

Good Sex: The smart people are those who are running after their beloved. Why? This is the only shortcut method to become an easy alchemist? The satisfaction of soul is all about the ALCHEMY.

How I defeat 2011? 

This is a mystery, how I become so familiar with the study of alchemy? Sometime I wonder, how I come to know the things that once I was not much interested?

Electro Fusion (Demo Music Album)

I have learned many things in life. Practically I have suffered some heavy truth. I have had controlled the remote not watching television programs. I stop listening to reckless film star gossips, and 24/7 yellow stupid news channels. I didn’t touch newspapers to get out of reading fake news of some idiotic reporters. I have spent more than 200 days in home alone. I read, read and read the books that I have wanted. I have painted 48 new paintings, directed seven music videos, composed an electro-fusion instrumental demo music album, will soon to release on Amazon; one short film and was shortlisted for The Cannes Also Big Book 2011 for photography.

CannesAlso 2011 for Digital Photography.

The year I start my journey as a music video director for “The Eye of A Storm” production. I worked for the bands like Arcane DeceptionArtillerie1833 ADKryptos etc. 2nd, June 2011, I get an invitation for CannesLions, 58th International Festival of Creativity. It was 8th, August 2011 I have published my first book, The Alchemist A Mystery In Three Acts“. I have learned to  follow the omens and defeated another year in my life.


Hi, I am Vikram, a friend of you! I would like to take this opportunity of personally welcoming you to my blog! You can read my book “The Alchemist A Mystery In Three Acts” Available now on : Always love, Vikram Roy

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  1. inezuela says:

    Wow I really liked this! Congratulations to you and to all of your accomplishments this year, 2011 sounds like a great year! I particularly liked the travel 😉 India is yet a country I must go and visit !!! Happy 2012

  2. Vikram,
    This was quite the itinerary. And it was an itinerary within as well as an itinary without. And it was an itinerary into the past and one into the future.
    Congratulations and a Happy New Year,

  3. orlando gustilo says:

    You seem to be focused on your journey. I wish you more success in the coming years, Vikram, and happiness!

  4. EKPRESYON says:

    Happy new year Mr. Vikram! I am so new to Blogging and by reading your blogs gives me an interest to post anything under the sun. 🙂

    More Blogs to come and i shall wait for it. 🙂


  5. Painter Lady says:

    I am blessed that you found your mind/heart/spirit/eyes visiting my blog…it’s very late. I should be in bed…but I just had to tidy the font sizes of the Timothy Findley interview you just read. I think it’s an amazing thing that we can read one another’s words! I am wishing you an amazing 2012! Be amazed!

  6. Blue88journal says:

    Keep working…and moving forward.

  7. brainneversleeps says:

    ” I have had controlled the remote not watching television programs. I stop listening to reckless film star gossips, and 24/7 yellow stupid news channels. I didn’t touch newspapers to get out of reading fake news of some idiotic reporters.”

    This is the way to live…. create you own world, with your own influences. Popular culture and mass media has become unnecessary for me…. i watch the films i want to watch, write my own stories, live and work in a foreign culture very different to my own and spend time with the woman I love….

    The world has become small for me, everything else is a grey, blurred background…. that’s the way I like it….

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