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It was 3rd January morning 10:15 AM; a 2$ ticket in my hand; seat number F 3; second block, fourth floor, BTM, Bangalore. More or less 32 people are sitting inside, 20 stuffs working outside the hall; two snacks shops; four security officers, including one woman officer; three ticket counters; two elevators and two escalators, one is coming up and one is going to down. This is the way of expression that I have learned from “Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows“.

The film shows Sherlock Holmes’ superhuman intellectual brainstorming, meditation and precautions of every-single steps; before taken by his enemies. I think, Guy Ritchie’s version of Holmes is full of errors. The climax is started in the beginning,

Professor Moriarty: Are you sure you want to play this game?

Sherlock Holmes: I’m afraid you’d lose.

Professor James Moriarty, the role is played by Jared Harris is an unforgettable villainy. Holmes’s elder brother, Mycroft Holmes was expected more roles that was missing. The ‘slow wits’ and puns are the only entertainment, that at least make the audience laugh.

Dr. Watson: Did you just kill my wife?

Sherlock Holmes: I timed it perfectly!

The movie is primarily based on the short story “The Final Problem” by Sir A.C. Doyle and also from many of the other Sherlock Holmes stories: “The Sign of Four”; “The Greek Interpretor”; “Valley of Fear”; “The Speckled Band”; “The Dying Detective”; “Bruce Partington Plans”; “The Adventure of the Creeping Man” and “The Second Stain” are included in one single motion picture. Isn’t it sounds idiotic?

Sherlock defeats Professor Moriarty by pulling him over Reichenbach Falls, with both of them falling to their apparent deaths. Holmes is later shown to have survived. This was meant to be the final Sherlock Holmes story, “The Final Problem” by Sir A.C. Doyle.

Robert Downey Jr.’s 1992 biographical role on Chaplin is noticed in Holmes. It is not exactly that I read and imagine about the literary character of Sherlock Holmes. Calculations, actions and re-actions are overdosed. There are many abstract and unnecessary clips broke the central story, was totally unexpected. Cinematography is like an artistic boon of modern technologies. Here science, arts and literature are brilliantly juxtaposed.

Sherlock Holmes riding a pony, “Slow and steady wins the race” is a good wit and moral. Overall “Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows” is entertaining.



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  1. Amrita Sinha says:

    Hmmm Sherlock Holmes — my favourite detective of all times. You refreshed my memories about the SH Series.I have read the entire series! Moriarity was also in ‘Red Headed League’, he was a very dangerous person.Do you know Mycoft Holmes was more sharper than Sherlock Holmes, but was a bit lazy and was often found in the club with his friends 🙂 . Though he showed his skills in ‘The Mazarine Stone’! I think its the most interesting detective Novel I have ever read, but Perry Mason mysteries are also good! Well I would suggest you Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes series brought by Granda Television. I have seen all the episodes and believe me, nobody would have sketched Sherlock as good as Jeremy Brett had done.
    Cheers 🙂

    • thechristianbookcompany says:

      I agree with you Sherlock Holmes is the best.
      If you don’t mind I would like to share a few thoughts about Sherlock Holmes’ brother, Mycoft.
      In the Old Time Radio Series of Sherlock Holmes, back before TV was in every home in America; the series show cased Mycoft as a rather intelligent fellow. Which is of course is in line with what you said about him.
      In fact, in one of the old time radio series; Sherlock says that his brother posses a more superior mind that his in the area of deduction and observation.
      In that same series even though it was audio only, Mycoft was described as fat. Mycoft seriously felt it was a waste of time for a man to walk about too much. He actually made fun of Sherlock for the way he runs around while trying to solve a case.
      I would not call Mycoft lazy. He is just a man with a superior mind who believes in putting in little personal effort and producing much.
      I like him. He reminds me of the lengend of THE MAN WHO SAT FOR IDEAS.
      He was a man who people brought his problems to and after hearing them out he would just sit alone in a dark room and meditate on what the said for a long time and then he would come up with a solution.
      It’s not laziness. It is just eccentric. And it is the eccentrics that the world has to thank for a great many reasons.
      Thank You very much Amrita. I hope I haven’t taken much of your time.

      Much love & God bless.
      From Alfred Benjamin King.

  2. TBM says:

    I enjoyed the movie, but I agree with you that at times, the director over does it a bit. Overall, a fun experience.

  3. Blue88journal says:

    I too enjoyed the film…
    Remember, readers/writers look at films a bit differently than the typical movie-goer. Film makers have to keep the average person entertained with special effects and a digestable amount of plot vs. wit and humor. Some of the new movies have SO much computer animation strewn in that nothing seems real. I think back to watching ’12 Angry Men’ which is a classic, but has NO effects and mostly takes place in one room. Film makers had to rely on ACTING and STORYLINE back then…now corporate film has to cover up the lack of those things at times…for the sake of making a buck.
    I want a ‘Man Who was Thursday’ movie (G.K. Chesterton), but Holmes has already stolen the spotlight. 😉

    • thechristianbookcompany says:

      Mr. Blue88journal guy,
      Everything you have said is just simply genius. I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, you said things I wouldn’t have said because I didn’t know them. Encore Mr.Blue. Encore!

      Much love & God bless.
      From Alfred Benjamin King.

  4. Why did you mention that female security officer? In what way was she so special that you actually saw her in a way that made you write about her, that made you mention her? That is the interesting part of what you have written, I think. She seems to be very special, just because you mentioned her.
    It is as if you would be standing in the kitchen cutting up veggies. There are all those different kind of veggies, but you mentioned the onion. Why?

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      Magdalena, It’s confidencial! Specially Indian society have certain fever, when the question arises about the onions? I think Guy Ritchie’s Holmes is carrying a good lesson, how to observe them? 😉

  5. InnerDialect says:

    Refreshing 🙂 really like your half smile between words … great!

  6. thenotwriter says:

    Ive read alot of Sherlock Holmes stories in my life and Robert Downey Jr isnt really how I pictured him. I guess I always went more with the Basil Rathbone-ish image of Holmes. I havent seen either of the Downey Jr movies so I cant say they arent any good, and I do like him as an actor. I just cant picture him as Holmes.

  7. caljacobs says:

    If you can get hold of it, maybe if you can watch BBC i-player, there is a great series on BBC1 in the UK currently, called Sherlock. It’s an updated version, with Holmes and Watson in 2011 London. Very well -written, very funny, lots of good refs for lovers of the originals.

  8. I’ve never seen the Game of Shadows, and I don’t intend to, even though it’s coming to our local cinema soon. Sherlock Holmes should not be an action adventure, cgi-enhanced, Hollywood crimefighter. For one thing he’s cerebral, and although he can handle himself in a fight, he uses brain far more than brawn. Robert Downey Jr.’s take on Holmes, based on the trailers, seems like a travesty.

    Now the BBC series, Sherlock, has it spot on on. As caljacobs says, it’s “very well -written, very funny, lots of good refs for lovers of the originals.”

  9. robpixaday says:

    Fascinating!! Haven’t seen it yet; thank you for sharing this!

  10. colon cleanse says:

    This is a good approach to what we know about Holmes is not Robert Downey Jr., for some, may be a controversial topic. Very well thought.

  11. jakk54 says:

    I haven’t seen the second Holmes film with Robert Downey Jr., but thought the first one an interesting effort. Quite good fun, but let down somewhat by the Hollywood ending. In many ways the new, modern version of Holmes, the BBC’s Sherlock is a much more interesting and rewarding take on the character. I loved the first episode:

  12. thechristianbookcompany says:

    Greetings Mr. Virkram,
    Nice to know you had fun.
    I personally prefer the Old Time Radio versions of Sherlock Holmes. The cartoon was nice but unintelligent.
    The movies of Sherlock Holmes I seen so far don’t quite do it for me. My favorites are the original stories by Sir. Conan and the Old Time Radio versions.
    Well, I wish you the best.

    Much love & God bless.
    From Alfred Benjamin King.

  13. yvonnemason says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing the first Holmes movie then the second. I also have the pleasure of having the complete works of Holmes as well as the Rathbone series on DVD, Because I am a writer and because I tend to see things in a different light- I saw Downey as Holmes. I also saw Rathbone as Holmes. To my Guy Ritchie took the essence of Holmes- his scarcastic wit, his abrasive nature, his drug problem and rolled him out in the form of Downey. He gave Holmes a different angle. He made Holmes human and lovable warts and all. Rathbone plays the typical English Holmes. The stoic- typical British dry humor- but they both thoughtfully think about the crime at hand- observe things around them and sink within themselves to see what happened and why. When one thinks about it both characters are Holmes. Ritchey just chose to bring out the one we never see. The inner child- so to speak-the prankster- the rogue.
    We all have more than one personality most times we choose to ignore one and allow the other to always be present. Both movies to me were entertaining as well as educational.
    As a Bounty Hunter I am always aware of my surroundings no matter where I go. So I understand his obsession. It makes for interesting trips when I am out and about.

  14. I think we all have to remember that when books get turned into movies (especially older books) they are often going to have to be re-invented, so it appeals more as a movie. You’d be hard pressed to find a movie these days that can carry itself for almost two hours without any action.

    I’ve read the books, and yes they are excellent, and I know that Sherlock Holmes wasn’t actually like that. But that’s what the TV series are for, they don’t need action because they only go for half an hour, and Holmes being smart can carry that.

    The fact that this movie has re-invented Mr Holmes for the masses is just something that we’re going to have to live with ,and should not detract from the books in any way. And yes, the movie was fun. And you do leave feeling like Holmes. Which I s hwy I love movies.

  15. Marissa Tenofsky says:

    Interesting review! I am not a fan of Robert Downey, Jr as Holmes. Holmes reminds me the famous radio versions. I enjoyed them much! 🙂

  16. Kristofer Minnie says:

    BBC Sherlock is too miss-match with the original work of Sir A.C. Doyle. Is there laptops and smart-phones in 19th century? Watson writing a blog is so ridiculousness! 😛

  17. Lessie Kitto says:

    I genuinely treasure your work, Great post.

  18. svefonakafer says:

    Nice review! I will find-out myself and comment again!

  19. mizhikj says:

    Great review man!

  20. navbakorit says:

    I don’t like the BBC Sherlock too. Professor James Moriarty is acted super boring in it.

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