Amit Saigal at GIR Rock Connect 2008 Photograph © Vikram Roy

It is quite unbelievable that Amit Saigal drown in Goa and passes away! As usual I was looking for advertising and media news updates on, certainly the shocking news comes to my notice.

Amit Saigal, was the name of the cult of Indian rock music. It was 1993 Rock Street Journal – RSJ, India’s only rock music monthly, first published by Amit from Allahabad. In 2006 I was introduced with the magazine and certainly become inspired by Amit and accidentally I met him on 23 September 2008 on GIR Rock Connect conference in New Delhi. The day, I became face to face with Amit and came to know the industrial establishment of Indian rock music.

RSJ Photograph © Vikram Roy 2012

The popular events like Pub Rock Fest, Great Indian Rock; are part of Amit’s successful dreams. The man of word; the youth icon; who had cultivated a whole nation of youth to love rock music. India’s number one open air rock concert – GIR, the stage is offered by Amit to bring many unknown talented Indian rock bands to scream, growl, and rise their fearless voice. Within two decades like one man army, Amit’s effortless work and international contacts helped rock culture in India . He was the first who had introduced the world that Indian rock is one of the largest and powerful music industry. He had accidentally rest in peace but his memories will not be erased. Amit will live as the guide and spiritual cult among the rock music fans.



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  1. Vikram,
    Some events are difficult passages. I’m so sorry you lost a great rock star. Amit probably knows how you feel and he is thankful for your tribute to him.
    Again, I’m so sorry for you.

  2. M V Koti Reddy says:

    Indian metal ray is now become blur. The last guru of heavy metal music was Amit Saigal.

  3. My Homepage says:

    I would like to listen more about Indian Rock, can you give me a list of the artists! Sorry for the loss! 😦

  4. afiliados elite says:

    Sorry for these loss! He is well known here in Norway! A tribute for Amit!

  5. RSJ was the face and the voice of rock in India. It is hard to believe that a month has gone by since his death. RIP, AMit. Thanks, Vikram, for honoring this amazing spirit who pioneered rock journalism at a time when it was not such a viable idea.

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