Genre: Crime
Language: Hindi

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This sunday afternoon, returned from the theater totally blank! The remake version of Amitabh’s the 90s Agneepath was 10 times better. Only Dutta’s bald-look in black kurta and sandal is remarkable. The young boy played the role of Vijay Dinanath Chavan is very natural flow of acting, (better than the older version.)

Roshan looks very uncomfortable in acting the slam guy. I think the worst role he had ever played on the silver-screen. Women are acted ridiculous. I am surprised how a senior actor like Roshan completely be fooled accepting this role? Are the 80′s blockbusters are expected in this era? A ridiculous remake! 90% of the film has no connection with the central theme!

Why Vijay joined the women seller merchant Rauf Lala? (Watching at an unsuccessful business deal with Kancha). Why he kills Lala’s son? (To take Lala’s shoes, to reach Kancha). There is no link with the central story! He can easily reach Kancha than this remake film plan. A story of an idiotic revenge is written and rewritten. Another “hip , sleazy, and ugly” Bollywood production. The film is unable to play with the emotion and sentiment too. Nothing entertaining, a torture of human morality and trust!

The mastermind only works on cinematography at first 15 minutes and at the end, couple of minutes. Surprisingly the hell is never like that in my imagination. In the Hindu religion the banyan tree is a symbol of faith and truthfulness and when an honest primary school teacher conspired and hanged, the tree died. It is little philosophical though I think there is no scientific acceptance.

I don’t interested to write more words, already I have wasted my money and time! Just can’t stop expressing the truth because it will indulgent my mind until I don’t write it down.




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  1. You are 100% right here… See my old thoughts on this general phenomenon:

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. willowdot21 says:

    a good rant is good for the soul!

  3. i havent seen this, but i know a bad remake is awful. in a completely different genre, there was a delightful movie called “willy wonka and the chocolate factory”, with gene wilder as the main character. it was wonderful. the (sort of) remake was ‘charlie and the chocolate factory’ with johnny depp. the only movie i REALLY didnt like him was … awful.

  4. Kristin says:

    Sometimes the best you can get out of a bad and disappointing experience is the awareness that you, at least, are in the ‘right’ place.

  5. granbee says:

    Vikram, Yes, you are so correct: nothing like a bad remake! I have seen a fair amount of controversy over recent Bollywood productions and excessive catering to fads, etc. Just like the American Hollywood, right? I was glad to be reminded about the Hindu belief about the symbolic meaning of the banyan tree.

  6. raziakuvale says:

    I hate watched it. Good review there.
    Keep writing.

  7. Sudev says:

    now i know why u didnt like the film…u dnt know Bollywood. I am glad that I have studied in FTII film school. U havent know enough. You are only a hollywood film lover, I think you hate Hritik Roshan too. I love his appearance in the film Agneepath. I am a true patriot, I love Bollywood! Whatever Bollywood remake is best. I love all the crime films and I hate philosophies.

    Sudev Nair
    Film and Television Institute of India
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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