Illustration: Through the ages forcefully people domesticated power. Today peace-loving ordinary people diversified into “wimpy” type!

What is Capitalism? 

“An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.”

How political system and corporates work together? 

Media is the number one powerful weapon in modern capitalistic economy where stock marketcorporate and government are sitting side by side to control public voice they will. The combination of mass media and corporate power had transformed the “language of ideals” into the “language of images”. News had become dominated by public relations by “pseudo-events”.

Indeed media philosophy stands on three basic human psychological studies, “Conspiracy”, “Scandal” and “Emotion”. Three topics people love to read and easily misguided.

Who are used as weapon? The real conflict makers!

Soldiers, judges, cops, investigators are used to control laws and orders. Some of the villains are used as secret agents who are channelling intelligent people into corruption?

Inventors, writers, journalists are nerds who are madly working for pseudo-peace and being used by the government and corporates. Their good inventions are always being misused by capitalists’. New technologies, combined with a traditional craving for novelty and penchant for fantastical salesmanship, were increasingly distancing life from reality.

Super models, porn film makers, celebrities are used to create illusion to destroy human quality and superiority by self-delusion. “Love and lust, between the ennobling power of attraction toward the beauty of a whole person and the destructive force of possessive sexual desire.” The Si-Fi horror film Videodrom (1983) is now become alive.

What has been lost? What has been gained?

News making replaces news-gathering, celebrities replace heroes, tourists replace travelers and images replace ideals. Fake identities are being staged and scripted, to create false impression that often had no relationship to any underlying reality. Interactive films justifying revenge, cyber sex and recreational evil are now made and distributed.  (Daniel Boorstin)

Patriots are those fools who are fighting for their country by the name of God. The ruling government hardly care for your son or your future. They are making policies to sleep on money-couch. Terrorist and mafias are also their friends to erase the honest. Today in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America, the story is same.

Government and corporates are meeting at “pseudo events”, using media and bagged up huge amount of money indirectly from the society. They are trying to establish a concrete future for their offspring. Invisible hands of politics is trying to become invincible. The capitalists and economists are designing secret policies and trying to pull the social ropes towards their own. Economic determinists are closer to the truth; but even if the news is critical of socialism, journalists become merely public-relations agents for capitalism.

Business complexities, the laws and orders are designed for the benefit of the higher class. All you become a moron, an escapist or an opportunist. Highly educated people are parting themselves toward the third world countries for social work to survive from the rules of modern capitalism.

Studying theology is the weakest choice to survive in the capitalistic world. Society is in danger from the growing role of false belief under capitalistic policies and media controlled environment. ACTA is also an illusionary game of capitalistic knowledge control policy. They are trying to chock the freedom of speech.  Today the world is living in an “age of contrivance”. Illusions, animations and fabrications had become a dominant force in the society.


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  1. thomag1 says:

    One of Mussolini’s first strategies in taking control of Italy was to first gain control of the corporations. For many years now, it’s been the ‘media’ fronts gaining control of the corporations creating the situation you have described elegantly above. One now might ask…, is the road now leading to a ‘fatalistic’ end? And if so, what can stop it? Who would want to stop it who was sharing the wealth dividends of the venture? The poor or less privileged certainly wouldn’t have the provisions to change the status quo even if they knew how. This is a great post. We need to find some great answers.

  2. Noel Williams says:

    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am glad to see you at this, Vikram… Wonderful post. Today is your day.

    Also, your book is bright:


  4. Great summation of the state of union (even the world) in just a few paragraphs

  5. Juliana says:

    Well said. Sadly.

  6. swabby429 says:

    The media are the tools of corporate power. The governments are the tools of the corporations. ACTA is the weapon of the corporations.

  7. granbee says:

    Vikram, it requires a true warrior to learn enough and be smart enough and strong enough to stay in the developed world and SPEAK OUT, allowing no one to lable you or stop you! It is a question of giving your soul enough light to grow strong enough to warrior on for truth and justice and peace and goodwill!

  8. Olive Twist says:

    Sadly, religion has become big business now too, with fantastic profits and no accountability. But mixing Christianity with capitalism is like blending oil and water.

  9. vam says:

    Correct reflection of how governance, economics and polity is today.

    It’s not about people anymore, not about sincerely enabling and genuinely empowering the weak and the disadvantaged, the poor and the marginalised.

    It’s about coveting all the way to one’s death, to bequeath, about cornering and amassing for oneself.

    It’s no longer about living, its wonders and joys, and the mystique of love and self – discovery !

  10. larazSita says:

    too many conspiracy in this whole wide world..
    sometimes the right can be wrong and the wrong can be right..
    the world is change..
    Nice Post..

  11. Nicely put. Really did a good job breaking down this subject.

  12. vincepanther says:

    Very nice post, my friend. Well said.

  13. I really like The capitalistic evolution pictures. So funny!

    The greatest challenge on Earth is the dualistic nature of Yin and Yang. That is actually the challenge we have agreed to face prior to incarnation. The polarities in life – light and darkness provide this great test of energy. Thanks to the efforts of humanity, it is yielding a new paradigm . More people are frustrated with the old ways of corruption, greed, inequality- hence there is a Great Shift in human consciousness right now. I see these times as beautiful. The rising of the silent majority around the world is unprecedented. Perhaps you see it too?

    You write very well!

  14. hodgepodge4thesoul says:

    I appreciate the fact that you are not afraid to speak your mind! It’s so refreshing, nowadays, to hear REAL TALK. Keep it up.

  15. bacchus713 says:

    Well written. Being a pessimist and health care professional, i’m not worried about our society. We’re screwed. Mother Nature is going to take us out by either global epidemic, natural disaster, or we will render the Earth uninhabitable while we fail to prepare for just such an event. Then Mather nature will sit back and laugh at all the things we thought were so important – fame, money, power. These thing don’t mean crap compared to the Grand Scheme of the Universe, and will not save us..

  16. Dandelion Head says:

    Some of your references (like to Videodrome) and of an “age of contrivance” reminds me of the concept of “hyperreality,” where humans are so enamored with the beauty of false things that they confuse them with reality, or prefer them to reality. I think that’s also a part of the world we now live in.

    I also like your evolutionary chart; it reflects how a lot of the idols and leaders nowadays are quite ineffectual.

  17. Dang, V.! I wanna post this at TRNL! You’re just way too insightful for someone your age!

    I will say this: My son wanted to be a pastor (he’s your age) or a sociologist. He’s taking a break and deciding. Surely, you must admit, the world needs morals and people that will guide them. Also, if we do not fight for our liberties, specifically freedom of speech and the freedom of religion, how will we not ultimately collapse as a society?

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      You are welcome! I would like to listen from your son too. I think Sociology is a better study in the field of Social Science. Freedom of speech is more important than freedom of religion; only because all the religion, belief, and faith are all equal from universal point of view except the Gods and Goddesses.

      Thanks and regards!

  18. glasseyedave says:

    I have done financial statements and know what needs to be on what statement and I can tell you there is no honesty in accounting today at the Banking level and Government.
    I get so sick when I see the news. It is all lies. They can not talk honestly about the numbers they feed us everyday.
    I am not sure where you stand on the Bible, but God has made it very clear in the prophets that He will judge our kind of corrupt unjust system. He condemns taking homes from people, He condemns adding property to property and house to house. He condemns those who do not treat the poor, alien, widows and orphans with compasion and charity. He condemns the dishonest way men make gains. I could just go on.
    Jesus makes the same point in the parable of the sheep and the goats. These men who run our economy and ruin our government have gained the whole world but have lost their souls. God will not be mocked, what ever a man does that shall he reap. Galatians.

  19. 1st I do not agree with the picture. I believe that we are all created by God. Not monkeys as our ancestors. Darwin is an idiot.

    2nd I do not agree on the definition of Capitalism there. The content is also dark and possibly misleading the mass about what Capitalism really is. Let me give a personal intake of what Capitalism really is.

    Capitalism is nature’s system where mankind can create wealth for himself and others in exchange for the value he gives for the mass.

    Looking back at history the reason why the world are so enriched is because of the system. Those who are very successful in operating within them are called the Capitalists or what the ignoramus calls them the “1%”.

    John D Rockefeller, Sumner Redstone, Ray Kroc, Henry Ford and Rothschild are some of the examples of Capitalists who created a difference in the world. Regardless of the controversial things they did, they do it in order to achieve their goals. Through the Capitalism they have created oil companies, media conglomerates, McDonald, Ford Motor cars and national banks all for the betterment of the world.

    As a result, jobs were created, more value for products and more wealth to go around.

    The “unfortunate”, “hopeless” or what they call themselves now the “99%”, envious of their success then clings upon the notion it is the “Rich” persons fault that they are in that state. So they want to justify their living by attacking the sole source of the wealth builders.

    They are but lazy incompetents who cannot adjust with the system.

    Where the system demands competence, brains and hard work, the “victims” offer none or less. Not because most of them are hopeless but because most of them cannot deal with the pressure that came along with necessities of growth. Without the ability to deal with this they flunk out, become the weed of society and do what they do best: slows and rots everything and everyone down.

    Have a look back in School and make it as an analogy of capitalism:

    School is a system(Capitalism). Students(Society) will invariably face the same test(life).

    If one got 90% mark and the other got 5% will it be fair if the latter blame the former for the failure?

    Everyone in life faces equal opportunities to face the challenges of the world. Before blaming capitalism and the rest, let us all mirror ourselves on where we stand.

    Those who thinks that unfortunate victims in life who are depressed like the ones in Africa, who have no hope of living to see the day, can look at how Bill Gates giving away his donations to them. Not only that the computers he and his people now have revolutionized how we live and how we do work.

    Main point is: Capitalism is a system. Adjust to it and master it before it masters and enslaves us.

    Good post though :).

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      I like the comment. I appreciate with your views Abdul! There are good people around us who are showing their responsibilities! I hope the number will grow up in the future. But number of capitalists who are investing on Lifestyle, personal Gold, and Diamond mines, and so many unnecessary devastating research to increase their wealth, is it necessary? In countries, foolish governments are selling wealth to the wealthy marchants. They don’t know how they are loosing their survival. Money] should use properly to help to decrease unemployment and good education is necessary. That should be focused! 🙂

      • They are simply multiplying their wealth and they have their own right to enjoy what they have earned through their efforts and hard work. They have the money, they can spend it on in something they like. Like a working person earning healthy wages to treat himself to the Bahamas once a year.

        A capitalist needs to earn his money. I repeat earned, not given, inherited but through their own efforts and hard work. Not like spoiled kids who inherited wealth from their rich parents. This can make them power hungry and soul foolish.

        I believe that each individual should justify their existence by giving value to the mass, and through the accumulated wealth, he/she should re invest the profits back in providing employments, increasing the standard of living and elevating the problems of humanity.

        Til then regards Vikram. Keep posting things up, makes me think, thanks 🙂

      • glasseyedave says:

        I think Abdul Malik Omar is looking at Capitalism as it should be and not as it is. First of all, let us not think the Capitalism opportunities that were around in Charles Ingles day (He was a real man) are here today.

        In his day there was no legislative branch of the government to limit what he could and could not do for income. He had no government authority ready to inspect his place of business, ready to exact fees out of him for the privilege of engaging in commerce.

        In America today we have no right to talk of working hard and make something of ourselves as when we were a young country. I being a conservative (not a sold out republican) can not stand it when Republicans speak of the poor as if they are all lazy devoid of all ambition, as if all they need to do is be industrious because this is what made America great.

        If a person today wants to engage in commerce like Charles Ingles he can’t. If he starts to engage in commerce he will be fined for not paying the proper fee for the privilege of having the business. Then this person will need to get the proper insurance or bonding for that future possible law suite. Then if this person wants to hire someone to help, maybe the kid in the next farm there has to be the proper employee insurance. Then depending on the type of business, lets say selling milk to his neighbor, like Charles Ingles could, then the health department would get involved. Then this person, unlike Charles Ingles, would have to have a 20,000 septic system put in his barn, with separate bathroom facilities, couldn’t just use the one in the house. Then appropriate parking would need to be paid for. But wait, now there has to be road improvements do to increased traffic volumes. Then all the health inspections and possible fines if all of these are not in place. This person will have to sign over their rights as a property owner and be subject to unannounced inspections. If they are able to endure all of this, (and we haven’t talked of the paperwork nightmare) now we get to talk of the feds who make it a practice to still fine people, and keep them from developing their land or business even after someone does all the county and state requires of them.

        What was the environment where capitalism could thrive in (that did make our nation great) has been replaced by government thuggery via the administrative branches of governments (county, state and federal). Every freedom and liberty that Charles Ingles could enjoy to prosper himself and his family through hard honest work has been stripped away from America in the name of public safety and the environment through the administrative branch. Through this branch of government there “has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance” Declaration of Independence. Last I checked there were only three branches of constitutional Government and the Administrate Branch was not part of it.

        So where does it leave this conversation. There is no more true capitalism. It has been replaced by legalized theft and plunder by the powerful elite. Competition that should exist in true capitalism has been killed by the administrative branch keeping the poor and middle class behind the bars of administrate code. Capitalism has never been an excuse for greed or foul play. Maybe we should no longer think this discussion is about capitalism, if it was we would need to talk about what existed in Charles Ingles day. Instead, let me suggest we not complain about what we no longer have, capitalism, let’s complain about what we do have… Fascism. Long live King George!

  20. FarooqMAbbas says:

    I would like to join the issue with Abdul Malik Omar,
    He says about the Rothschild and Rockefeller: “Regardless of the controversial things they did, they do it in order to achieve their goals.”
    If you choose to disregard their wrongs and the wrongs of Capitalism, then offcourse this system is ‘natural’. However, the truth can not be disregarded that simply-Capitalism is man-made system whereby a great portion of wealth circulates only among the top 1%. It is so crafted.
    Unless you study Social Darwinism and are able to connect it to Capitalism, you would continue to be in love with this evil.

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