Poster: Summer Storm Festival 2012

Yesterday 5th Feb, it was a Sun-Heated Sunday  the second edition of Summer Storm Festival 2012, headlined by Swedish Progressive heavy metal band Opeth, Palace Ground, Bangalore! I was happy that I had a cap and sunglass to protect me from the sun. I was unhappy because of Overture, the organizer not allowed a personal digi-cam, the question is why? I still can’t understand the reason. It totally spoils the identical foot-steps into such great concert. I started my journey from Ramanjaneya Nagar at 1 PM, took a bus 210ZA, came to Majestic Bus terminal then I took another bus from platform number 23rd and finally came to Gayatri Vihar, Palace Ground.

First to visit the Box office to collect the original ticket instead of internet booking print-copy. Suddenly I found the ground is filled with metalhead bangers patiently waiting for the entry. It was 4 o’clock audience entered inside. There are three bands “Nothnegal”, “Suidakra” and finally headed by Swedish metal band Opeth.

Nothnegal is Maldivian heavy metal band from Malé, formed in 2006 is unknown to me. SuidAkrA is a melodic death metal band from Germany with Celtic folk influences. When they nicely added Scottish bag pipes in their new genre Celtic metal. People laughed when a guy shouts from the crowd to the lead singer that “you are a good guy” he first listen “good sky” and all laughed at! He repeated! I fell nothing new left in death metal music.

Ticket and Summer Storm Throwaway Card

It was 8 o’clock exact Opeth appears on the stage. A huge banner hanged at behind is a part of their latest album “Heritage”. Mikael Akerfeldt appears on the stage with complete dashing look. Devil’s Orchard was the opening song. I see my 5.4″ height is too bad to enjoy an open aired flat grounded live show. The taller giants are standing infront of the smaller guys that hardly make it possible to enjoy the show. I struggled half an hour and then do some moshing. Finally come out of the crowd and sit behind at the ground. In my opinion Delhi’s Pragati Maidan, Hamsadhwani open-air theatre is the best ground in India to enjoy live concerts. I still not satisfied because  that I missed to see the show properly. Hope in future I will see Opeth again.

Opeth Complete set-list:

Through Pain to Heaven

  1. The Devil’s Orchard
  2. I Feel the Dark
  3. Face of Melinda
  4. Slither
  5. Credence
  6. To Rid the Disease
  7. Folklore
  8. Heir Apparent
  9. The Baying of the Hounds
  10. The Drapery Falls
  11. Deliverance

What an irony? Thanks Kingfisher and Overture for make this event alive! Thanks Mikael Akerfeldt that I was introduced with you first through Bloodbath line up, no question about your long 22 years of metal career. I don’t think you enjoyed the count “Fuck You Mikael” “for what”? I think you still remain “Horny” after enjoying the evening with us. Opeth will always be respected in metal-area. Long live Opeth. /m\


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  1. I like heavy metal but our age kind of keeps us trapped in our time of youth – Led Zep, Doors, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad.

  2. Great review, gives a feel for the experience. All while the entire US was watching the Super Bowl. Thanks for sharing.

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      Yeah Madonna again hypes a new fever!

      • oh my gosh, was madonna at the superbowl??? i really have to make it a point to watch TV.. we took the four-wheeler up on the hill instead, and then ran out of gas. the upshot? it’s a full moon and we’re going back up the hill in a little while! it’s a very steep one, and tonight is a crystal clear (warm) winter night.

        oh, and i likey the sawngs.

  3. thomag1 says:

    I, too, think it was a great review….was wondering how great a distance you had to travel to see the ‘big show?’

  4. destrudowoman says:

    Fine review. I hope you get a chance to see Opeth up close & personal next time… no giants to block your view!

  5. Fine post. Thank you Vikram for your encouragement. Micheline

  6. 1stjoeyanna says:

    Sounds like an awesome concert! At least you could hear it! Sorry you didn’t get the viewing pleasure you desired, maybe next time! 🙂

  7. Jango says:

    Have attended a lot of gigs in Bangalore. Was disappointed with the size of crowd though.

    There were more people at all the gigs that I have attended before.

    1. Machinehead/Megadeth
    2. Ironmaiden
    3. Enslaved
    4. Meshuggah
    5. Metallica
    6. Lacuna Coil
    7. Lamb of God
    8. Textures.

  8. Richa says:

    I missed it! 😦 I am a huge fan of Suidakra.. So angry at myself!

  9. granbee says:

    Vikram, you have certainly opened up some windows through which I gained insight into you guys who love heavy metal. I suspect you are attracted so much to this because it mirrors somehow the idea of “money making the world go round (money based on precious metals, get it?) and yet contradicts the outward image of those who hold the most power with the most money. Almost an oxymoronic endorsement I am giving here of your heavy metal band, okay?

  10. Sharp says:

    seems like it was fun 🙂

  11. 87kungfu321 says:

    I like heavy metal bands as well, although have yet to go to a concert! One day I probably will go to one since it does have a certain appeal. I also like my indie music and all sorts of music…but for raw energy you can’t beat heavy metal I reckon.

    Oh and by the way, thank you for liking my Star Trek: Next Generation posts.

  12. Sorayah (Yamyah) says:

    Opeth is a favourite band of mine 🙂

  13. Kunal says:

    I had come all the way from Bombay and boy was it worth it. Good review. And I agree with the very first comment, which said we are obsessed with the older bands. We don’t realise the good stuff till it’s old

  14. tarek says:

    they didn’t do Folklore!

  15. westwood says:

    The only Opeth album I’ve been able to get into is Damnation. I guess that makes me a bit of a pansy, but it’s a damn fantastic album.

  16. Great article. I missed Opeth an hour from me and I’ve been mad ever since. Love me some Opeth.

  17. […] Summer Storm Festival 2012, Headlined by Swedish Progressive Heavy Metal Band Opeth, Palace Ground, … ( […]

  18. I will right away clutch your rss as I can not in finding your email subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly allow me recognise in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

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