Illustration by Vikram Roy © 2012.


Life is calling me the “shaman”! Mariana trench, the rain forests, and Alps summit!

I love; love the wild! They call me but the time!

I stepped into an unknown land! Far, so far, I was moving!

I split you and was trying to figure you out; my poetic muse!

Everything is new in life!

Like an adolescent child first experience the masturbation!

As I know the past was wrong and I hesitate to know the truth!

I was searching for a noun! A single name; your name! Isn’t strange?

Simple but worthy; the goal is common and then everything spoils!

“When we will be the rich?” The lordship is inviting us under the soil.

My childhood fantasies, crazy dreams, sex, love and desires; no lust!

Are you listening? I know you are! I know what are you longing for?


*** New thoughts! An amateur try!


With Love!

Vikram Roy


Hi, I am Vikram, a friend of you! I would like to take this opportunity of personally welcoming you to my blog! You can read my book “The Alchemist A Mystery In Three Acts” Available now on : Always love, Vikram Roy

26 responses »

  1. sarijj says:

    Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing this. The longing speaks volumes.

  2. katcasey says:

    “Like an adolescent child first experience the masturbation!” I love this line, so much passion, such an explosion of experience. I can feel what you write.

  3. Wonderful picture! If you did that freehand, you should stick with that and offer your services for post pictures!

  4. willowdot21 says:

    I love it Vikram, it runs it dashes it leaps up and down pounding the foot paths of the world. It stumbles occasionally but on the whole it is new alive and I love it. I also like your illustration a lot!! xx

  5. Amrita Sinha says:

    Beautiful poem Vikram 🙂 Possibly u may turn a famus poet like Vikram Seth soon 😉 🙂 All the Best! Keep on working, you writes very nice 🙂 Cheers

  6. grosenberg says:

    Picture and poem both awesome. I love some of the metaphors you use

  7. julienmatei says:

    “I was searching for a noun! A single name; your name! …”

    This is good 🙂

  8. It’s a little heavy on exclamation points but it’s good.

  9. Epiphany Art says:

    Like your writing style dude. Really impressive. :).

  10. jmro98 says:

    Beautiful, it is applying to both, the drawing, forceful, colorful and your words, thanks for sharing!

  11. Disturbing comfort in both the poem & the illustration!

  12. fromsonika says:

    intense, yet so clear. I am glad that you shared it.

  13. twistnpout says:

    wow. There seems to be a strong feeling of vulnerability emitting from this poem.

    There is a line there –
    As I know the past was wrong and I hesitate to know the truth

    stirs some feelings/memories in me.

    Thanks for sharing. love the sketch.

  14. Blood-Ink-Diary says:

    vikram, what a delight – the art and poem, a lovely symphony of colours and mind. Cheers, my friend.

  15. loved it! I’m sharing it…

  16. granbee says:

    Vikram, outstanding beginning poem! Very fresh phrases to express you desire to grow and mature in understanding and living a good and adventurous life! Hooray for you!

  17. BRAVO 🙂 You have a talent, both written & visual

  18. sf ca writer says:

    3.14 like pie, like Einstein too, happy birthday and thanks for reading my poems

  19. All in one: Review says:

    I’d admit that you are highly dedicated & enjoy what you do.. & Many Many Happy returns of the Day

  20. This is a great piece, keep up the great work! Love the sketch you did! P.S Happy (one day belated) Birthday! I hope it was a great day!

  21. anshulrautela says:

    wow! Beautiful lines both in the sketch and in the poem! Keep the good work… 🙂


  22. Are you kidding me?! This is no work of an amateur and you ought to know that!! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by n liking my work…


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