Jeopardized in A Jazz World!.

Drawing by Vikram Roy © 2012.

Late night, a young girl came back from the call centre, she carefully install her favorite pink ipod on the dock. Murmured, “another fucking day”. Then she shouts, “Yhaaaaa lets enjoy a mid-night hip hop party at home!” She checked into the wardrobe, a sexy whisky bottle half-finished is hidden there, again murmurs, “Thanks God! Dad doesn’t notice that chaos”! She takes a quick shower; as night faints the music getting louder and louder.

“Fuck the heck, I love my life!”  She says intoxicated by ecstasy. The door is locked; she doesn’t expect her father at that time. Her mother dies when she was very young, there must be an accident, but who knows? Her father is a retired general of INA; he never pays much attention to her. She grows up with friends and music. She listen to different genres, rock, jazz, Indian classics, hip-hop, bhangra, “Sheela Ki Jawani” but she has a particular choice about everything. She hates depressive ghazals, tragic novels, and sentimental sad movies. She defines, “Around the world people are suffering; if a film make me think about the world peace; entertainment will be a disaster.” Sadness bothers her feelings; she avoids sleeping pills but she drinks and smiles like an innocent child…

“Hey boss, what are you writing? Who is she? Are you dating with the girl without my notice?”

“Abe shut up yaar! Just read it… I think she is just perfect. Look, she is a typical punk type modern woman! What you say?”

“Man you are garrrrrrrr! Lovely, but girls always like ghazals, willow trees, tragic heroes, and secrets about themselves; no secrets, no girls!”

Donna says, “Will you stop your bakwas wits! I am not agreeing with you.”

Ravi says, “Donna, come on! Women love secrets and sadness, it’s universally well-known! Woman without secrets seems like a drink without a flavor. Men with secrets are mostly categories angry, jealous, frustrated, boring, cheerless, mentally disordered etc. Women hide secrets to make men feel jealous. Don’t you have a secret darling? Is there any difference between a good-bitch and a bad-bitch?”

“Please stop it guys! Who will check the proof tonight, thousand of readers are waiting? Ravi, man you take some beer and let her work!”

Ravi, opens the fridge brings chilled beer, shouts “Cheers! You coward, why don’t you keep her, at least something will make me jealous!”

Donna says, “My God, Y-O-U… you are a loud mouthed duck! She start singing in a Disney tune, “I love you oh little duck/ your are my Donald duck!” She smirks.

Suddenly all started in chorus,

“I love you owe little duck/ your are my Donald duck!

You wander around the bathtub/ Stop the radio and let us laugh!”

Rolled on the floor in laughter!

“We should start a channel, people will love these stuffs!”

Sometime I doubt most of the people around the earth suffer from one problem. They are unable to speak their mind. People should speak what they actually want to, it will help them making good friends and solve thousand of problems in workplace.

Donna says, “First time in my life I realized, a Jerome K. Jerome lives inside me!”

Ravi says, “You know, if you ask me to play a role in a Shakespearean theatre, I would like to be the fool!”

“What a beautiful metaphor of life?” I fantasize a cozy world, full with characters and lives!”

It is raining outside, darkness faded into pale blue night. Ravi and Donna, both are sleeping on the sofa. I love my friends, they make life wonderful!

“Haaaa! God, I am feeling sleepy!”

Next morning,

“Good morning!”

“Morning! Lets complete breakfast with chocolate muffin, Japanese coco, roasted onion, cookies, creams, and vanilla scoop.”

Outside the window the bright sun shining over the red-coral garden with a view of silver cloud balanced over the hill.

*** This story was written on my coming back from the vacation in Kerala, Wayanad District on July,2011. I was staying at Chandragiri Inn; outside the window blue hill and red coral jungle! It was rainy season. Noting to eat without road side cakes, cookies and muffins!

Thanks, love and hugs!

Vikram Roy


Hi, I am Vikram, a friend of you! I would like to take this opportunity of personally welcoming you to my blog! You can read my book “The Alchemist A Mystery In Three Acts” Available now on : Always love, Vikram Roy

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  1. serenityluv1 says:

    This was very good.

  2. granbee says:

    WHA–AA-AA-T a party! What kind of apartment complex do you live in, anyway? Just kidding! Very good little story here that just popped up and landed on your keyboard! Brings back lots of memories of my own silly youth and folks who are still good friends!

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