Udupi Garden by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2012

Car- bus- bus- car- bike- green light- red light, moon light; I crossed the street!

I walked inside Udupi Garden!

Beautiful, well-maintained, tree-shaded park!

People were walking and talking, neat and clean business meetings!

I sat on abbey of stones, which carved into a heavy two-folded bench!

A child was shouting loudly… once, twice, and then repeatedly,

A bunch of sticks in his hand,

He shouted by the names of his friends, nameless, faceless, no one replies!

Streetcars and street-dogs were running naked, barking horns,

He grabbed the Iron Gate tightly,

He jumped up! It moved slowly left to right, right to left,

He gaged, people hardly knew his parents,

He shivered, he lost voice, he was little!

City means large buildings, MacDonald’s, expensive cars,

For him, no foods, no friends, no harms!

An old man crossed me towards the next bench,

He observed it was full of golden city dust,

His half-bald golden hairs were shining on the streetlights,

He pulled out a handkerchief, and blew the dust,

Three mid-aged women were passing by, giggled on his act!

The old man absorbed silently; he smiled,

Life at Udupi garden seems no harms!

“Life means two hearts, when they sing the well-known song together!”

I left the garden; left a mark on sweat; sweat on stone!

Good-bye Udupi garden! Please take care of my friends!

Trees, winds, and clouds…  see you again!


With love, hugs and kisses!

Vikram Roy


Hi, I am Vikram, a friend of you! I would like to take this opportunity of personally welcoming you to my blog! You can read my book “The Alchemist A Mystery In Three Acts” Available now on Amazon.com : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005IDUD4C Always love, Vikram Roy

21 responses »

  1. @bizcommunicator says:

    Thank you for that, Vikram.. For those moments, I was there… And it brought wonderful peace to my day.

  2. soumyav says:

    life at udupi garden painted with words! 🙂

  3. zari says:

    Profoundly engaging and mind provoking.

  4. 1seattlegirl says:

    This was a lovely post!

  5. Well done Vikram! Robert Browning has a poem that shows the local poet as the Great Observer of his community. He has the ear of kings. He holds up for examination the virtues and the folly of the throng. He is considered to be odd but powerful – more than a mirror; a driving wind for social change. You display such power. But strive to be humble. It is all a gift anyway…Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario

  6. LAND OF FUN says:

    Adorable – Reality in sweet words..Fabulous…Awesome !

  7. Kate says:

    Surprisingly therapeutic.

  8. Ah the beauty of youth to elders in on solitary place pictured beautifully with words!

  9. willowdot21 says:

    Beautiful. You had me transported and spell bound

  10. Hello Vikram ~ yes, you look with the eyes of Love! Wonderful! Thank you! And thanks for visiting my blog and liking “Secret Tunnel” ~

  11. Do not waste your colours. You made me feel colours in black & white. Good expression. But no smell? why? Anyway no hugs and no kisses. It is rainy season. Give something more complicated.

  12. A poem, when you start to read, there is a feeling to go on reading till the end – without a break though. All your works have been exquisitely made. Inspiring indeed.

  13. JWB says:

    It has a nice rhythm, but most of all, it begs to be different. Good work.

  14. sagedoyle says:

    I love this, and the artwork is amazing.

  15. Thanks for liking my SoulShift blog – will spend some time reading your works… 😉



  16. poetjena says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog : )

  17. Painter Lady says:

    I like that you have captured the ‘ordinary’ moments. Thank you.

  18. I love the painting and the poem. Lovely post, and it took me with you to this place. 🙂

  19. Lindy Lee says:

    What’s not to like about “Udupi Garden”? Good writing; pleasant reading…

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