The green seeds are resting in the womb of Mother Earth,

A witch appeared in front of me,

Her naked eyes and hairs were blowing in the wind.

The dream cannot make me sleep anymore.

No drinks can help me out of it; I was utterly drank.

I was roaming inside the woods of my upper mind’s desires.

Scared, experienced this Brave New attempt!

Scared, I come to know about the age of infidelity!

Black soil harvests no more weeds,

My wildest wish disappeared far-far away.

Please sister, don’t look at me like that.

All my wishes are smoked into ashes and turned into ‘Shame’.


What does the word “Shame” denotes to you? This is a movie that defines every single letter of S-H-A-M-E.

Shame is a 2011 British drama film starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan, co-written and directed by Steve McQueen. Yesterday night I had experienced the film out of curiosity. It teaches me thousand of lessons to keep me away from such terrible life practice.

The film showed Brandon, a handsome thirty-something advertising executive living and working in New York. He has cultivated his private sex life and  keep involved into practicing a secret sexual addiction. I don’t disclosing the story here. I think a high earning city bachelor should adopt a simple social life, or a hermit’s. Life is not filthy and dirty, we need to little take care about ourselves. Perhaps Michael Fassbender’s best, and I learned a lesson.

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Always love



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  1. soumyav says:

    A nice way in which you expressed your concern and thought about the film and the idea behind it…

  2. Stunning presentation! I’m still recovering from the excitement stirred from this intensely visual words. Your style and approach is simply undisputably amazing! Keep up the good work man, I’ve just watched a thrilling movie by glancing at your words. Thumbs up! 🙂

  3. Mojahed Reaz says:

    Shall watch now that you have mentioned, I was in US for 20 years, worked in Las Vegas at The Bellagio where Oceans 11 and 12 were shot. To make the comment short all I would say that any life form be it amoeba or osama and obama……addiction to our own extinction is programmed in our hard drive, the subconscious. No matter what path you take it will deliver you to a perpetual habit that will cause the demise. Sorry to leave the comment at such harsh but reality related end……………………..till we speak again.


  4. zari says:

    I have heard about this film. I was rather disgusted at the subject matter. The thing is that I suspect it is real on so many levels. I will try and keep an open mind as I peruse its depths and shallowness.

    The poem was thought provoking. Thanks sir.

  5. Hi how are you doing?? i wish you are good 🙂
    I have nominated you for the ” One Lovely Blog Award” i would be so happy if you accept it
    visit my Blog to know more, have a nice day 🙂

  6. cgmatteo says:

    I enjoy your writing. You excude nice energy across cyberspace…. 🙂

  7. Impecably presented and meaningfully shaping of the words and phrases have made the ‘sharme’more like an honor. Inredible indeed.

  8. It’s good when a movie or some outside experience can clarify the mind. We should search for these moments as we practice living. Excellent, Vikram.

  9. We all of us are given choices in life.. I haven’t seem this film, but I have known ‘Shame’ in my life, along with many more human emotions in which we come to experience.. Life has to have its shadows in order for us to see the light.. Balance is what we need to learn, and respect in treating each other as equal upon our journey upon this our journey of the physical and material plane..

  10. smilewidabhi says:

    Nice one Vikky… That makes me interested in watching this one…

  11. tocksin says:

    Shame is something that was imposed upon us at a time when we were made to feel shamed by adults who lack insight, had they known more we would have been guided to a place called mature guilt wherein we take responsibility of our actions.

    Shame is at the lowest of emotions, it is punative in nature. To mature is to move beyound it. To climb the ladder out of the pits of our despair, one rung at a time towards being accountable for our actions. Shame has to be transformed into a call for a higher purpose, it creates contrast and is directional in nature.

    What is the antidote? Compassion for ourselves and others.

  12. Interesting review.Perhaps life of a hermit is a bit too much to ask.However, things can be well balanced between acceptable level of fun and social responsibility.

  13. anupam patra says:

    I agree with you Vikram. Nice post

  14. Trina Rennie says:

    I like your write on this. This idea of shame, we all had fallen victim to this at some point or time in our lives. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Immanuell Domunge says:

    I often write poems about angels, demons and satan and jesus. But never about witches. But now i got the idea. You got fantasy, man!

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