Life is full of colours. It’s like the kid’s mystery colour-books that once we use to fill randomly. We should learn how to make it better? A better one looks like an album or a hobby-book folio.  Sometime we do, sometime we are not able to. When it comes certainly, like you don’t know tomorrow you will win a lottery or loss your job? The colour varies people to people who how we have taken and accepted the situation? What do you think?

We should have total control on our emotion. The interesting part is, every colour has positive reaction but it takes time to recover, depends on how strongly it strikes? If you have family and friends and still you are thinking alone struggling like a vagabond, is definitely your own problem. There are a lot of things to do, but we don’t.

What we need to understand the colours and follow the path of success. “Life without colour is nothing.”

Paintings by Gopinath Basu, Photographed by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2012

I am always a lazy guy, lazy that what I know? I never used my colours at the right time, I repent. Time goes on I felt I am getting older, not much pretty young just 24. I was getting clouded. Finally I have been discovered the colours are smelling like clay and water and spread all over the mind. Some people change their colours very frequently. Some remain so honest that forget to utilize the positive strength. Chemistry of colours is controllable. I keep smiling in the mirror.

It doesn’t matter colours bring luck but it controls our emotion. Anger violates our brain and turn us bitter, sick, uncontrollable. Then we suffer silently, like a dumb or start blaming on others. I honestly suggest, don’t blame on others.  Sometime people around us control life, but it’s not forever. Life goes on. We should not blame on others. Our weakness makes them stronger. So we need to learn to be stronger? Selfish genes make a possible distance from others. All glossy colours turn into dark, and what we need to do? Lighten it up again, and again. Once the clouds become clear the sun is behind, then dazzles like the bright day of summer.


Always Love, and Big Big Hugs



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  1. Ah to live a life with an explosion of crayons…..

  2. I remember a quote From Enigma …

    “In every colour there’s the light.
    In every stone sleeps a crystal.
    Remember the Shaman, when he used to say:
    “Man is the dream of the dolphin”.
    ~ Enigma ~

    Each of us have our colours… colour is vibration and we all of us vibrate within our own frequency of thought.. We create it with the pallet of our minds being bold and brave or delicate and soft.. We have created the colours of our world as we shaped the pictures of thought upon the canvas of life..

    Light vibrates through ALL colours even the Darkest of them, we see but the reflection of the vibration within..
    Once we can heighten that vibration as we strive for the Lightness of BEing, only then will we see the balance in the blending of colours we each hold within…

    Let us endeavour to create a harmonious painting, with each stroke of our brushes..

    A Beautiful Post
    Thank you
    Sue Dreamwalker

  3. Vikram, you are clearly an artist in every sense. I too respond to colors in a big way. And so there you have it. I’m glad you can be lazy sometimes – it’s helpful to one’s art, as long as it doesn’t last a long time. Then it’s back into the color box!

  4. Vikram, I thank you for your warmth.

  5. Meaningful lines…”I am getting clouded. Finally I have become…” Just beautiful writing.

  6. Colors have an effect and affect. Something to pay attention to. Nice post

  7. festivalking says:

    Thank you for this….

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