Currently I am using a very good mobile app, Nike Plus Running. This application software is free to download and works on your android smart phone or iPone. The GPS system of your phone will measure your activity. You need to keep the aap running in the background when you can use other phone features side by side. Here I am uploading my three weeks activity with Nike Plus Running Aap and it is amazing that how I am calculating my fitness!

How I Can Calculate My Activity Through Nike Plus Aap?

Picture:1 How I Can Calculate My Activity Through Nike Plus Aap?

First sign up with you will be taken inside your activity window. Now there are several features that will tell your story. You will also get the same data on your mobile screen. Switch the aap, complete a run, pause it, then scroll the end button to fetch the data. The details will be saved on your account.

What is Nike Fuel? How much you can earn? 

Nike fuel is a calculator that will motivate you to increase the numerical fuel digit. (See picture 1) I have earned 9601 + fuel, that means my activity is better than average of my age. I feel relaxed.

Feat and trophies? 

The application itself designed to motivate you to involve in regular run. It will give you notification of your fastest 1 mile, fastest 1km, farthest distance, longest workout, and how much calories you have burned. This data will keep changing on your performance. You will beat your own past achievements to create new records. Here Nike is honest and the trophies you can share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. No fake promises.

nike+ 2

Picture 2: Setting A Goal in Nike Plus

How to set a goal on Nike Plus? 

Once you have successfully logged in, go to “DASHBOARD”, here you can set your running goal. The basic goal will given by Nike but you can set the goal of your own will.

(See picture 2), The goal, I have set. I named it, “LOVE  TO RUN” of 12 runs in 30 days. This is an example of average goal. You can increase and decrease the number anytime. After-all your goal is your duty to fulfill. Nike can’t make you run without your own desire.

On the DASHBOARD page you can also see the maps that the GPS system has drawn during the run. Basically three colours that notifies the pace. (See picture 2)

Green: 10 – 12 min/mi

Yellow & Orange: 12- 15 min/mi

Red: above 16 min/mi

Now once you have finished the run the running aap will automatically calculate the average pace. This part of the aap captures my attention. The aap is so smart.

nike+ 3

Picture 3: Activity graphs on nike plus website

nike+ 4

Picture 4: GPS Map view on nike plus website

How Nike Plus Running Aap Calculate Daily Activity? 

There are two types of beautiful stats you will get through your daily activity.  The graph view is very easy to study your overall workout. For example, (See picture 3) past week I ran everyday. Average distance I ran 3.0 miles/day. I burned 1954 calories, and I crossed 21. 34 miles in 5.43 hours.

The second view is GPS map, pins the places you had started and ended your runs. (See picture 4).

Apart from these there are more. Any question, feel free to ask me. You can also contact Nike + Support here.


Thanks, stay fit & healthy

Always love



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  1. cindimichealle says:

    I use the iPod nano to log my runs. The only thing about the nano, is that it needs to be configured too often. If you run over 10 miles, it looses it’s ability to maintain how many miles you accurately ran. Very annoying. But it’s small and convenient.

  2. […] What is Nike Plus Running App? How it Works?. […]

  3. asimpletom says:

    I’m a Strava user myself but these tools are great for motivation and map your training. How do you find the coverage for location services in your area? I find my phone will drop out occasionally so your stats go a little weird. Not too bad though.

  4. I wonder if there is any app like this for Blackberry?

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      Hi Sandeep, Nike do not have a Running App for Blackberry phones. Strava is another nice Aap but do not have a Strava App for Blackberry phones too… If I get something for your Blackberry will tell you… thanks and hugs!

  5. TBM says:

    Happy running. I recently started up again and whiles it’s difficult to get back into shape, I’m enjoying the feeling as well.

  6. serenityluv1 says:

    I was wondering what this App was when I recently purchased my daughter IPOD. Now I need to see if I can use it on my phone…does it eat up alot of your data ?

  7. Thanks for supporting my blog, I appreciate your time and hope I don’t waste it.
    I’m just getting back into running, it’s been too long. I hope tech like Nike’s product can provide motivation to keep working on my health. Take care.

  8. Nish says:

    Nike+ is great, but I find myself using Runkeeper more often, it’s simpler and just as good 🙂

  9. ruaca says:

    Reblogged this on runningcurves and commented:
    This is a really good article discussing how to use the Nike Running app that I use, and highly recommend as well!

  10. Albee Marcia says:

    Do i need internet connection for the nike+ app while running?

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      Hi Albee, For your kind information yes you need internet service enabled in your device to connect the nike server to draw the route map and save the data. Thanks!

  11. Steven Fine says:

    Hi Vikram I am using the app and its working well for running but how to I log non running activities eg Gym weight training or swimming. It would be great to included these as a task done and show somewhere on the app even though they are not running exercises. Any way to do this ?

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      Hi Steven, If you want to count your every moves then I will suggest to use NIKE+ FUELBAND. You can connect it to your mobile app with Bluetooth. You stay constantly connected, syncing the data from your band with your Nike+ account and giving you feedback and motivation as you need it. 🙂

  12. Shine Odoño says:

    hi! i have a problem sharing my photo on facebook from photo doesn’t appear on FB.the settings says it’s connected.thank you

  13. My skills(primitive) are limited to computer. The new and hi tech makes me dizzy. Good Lord, I still have stationary and stamps and a real pen.

  14. I think it calculates calories accurately only when one is running on flat surface. Today I hike for 1 hour on very tough trail, I found that I only consume 80 calories…can you tell me how to configure the app for hiking?

  15. Hi Vikram,

    One good reason for people constantly on Social media to post their own statistics. Good app by Nike.

    Chennai Focus

  16. When I travel, I am motivated to run around the tourist places in the early mornings and snap some pictures, evidence of running by famous stuff. Although I can see these pics on the phone app (and I have access to them to post to fb or something), they don’t seem to get transferred to the web, back into my nikeplus route I can see when I login from my PC. Have you played with this #notreallyafeature?

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