Photographed by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2013

Photographed by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2013

Today I went for an evening walk at Shankey Tank at 5:30 PM, the correct timing. Thanks, God! Every day I notice people very carefully. Their attitude, lifestyle, culture, and behavior. A nice group discussion was going on some hours back. My colleagues think I live in an ideal world that doesn’t exist. I was speaking about the health and the lifestyle! How to improve yourself? They were giving me numerous examples of luxury. I was defending, trying to make a better understanding of lifestyle but getting confused to conclude a proper answer.

I was thinking during my walk; I gave an example, “How many laptops you can use at a time?” They answered, “Two.” My point of judgment to the social behavior and improve human lifestyle worked here. I come up with a conclusion!

I was not thinking deeply. As an example like ‘rich’ and ‘poor’, very common concept the rich become high, and the poor become weak. One benefited another one is being used. Sharing between the two extreme levels is a complete fantasy. You may think, “Why am I saying so?? Blaming the top and protecting the below…” It doesn’t change anything. Is it?


What is the lifestyle?

Let me come directly to the point. A week ago I ordered a vacuum mug, the costliest one available in the market. Divya, one of my colleagues, made a point. In silhouette voice, she asked, “Why you ordered a costly one?” Few hours back I was defending poor, and now I have ordered the most expensive vacuum mug. It creates a moral quandary that somehow I am also two-faced like the celebrities and the business men. I just asked, “What is the lifestyle?” The confusion is very natural because the cosmopolitan society teaches us the capitalistic marketing strategies, where the luxury means the way of improving life.

There is a sharp gap between these two words. It’s like a slice ray of light that separates the dark and the bright room.

Suppose you have earned money to buy yourself a luxury car. This luxury car was a dream to you. To purchase this car, you have worked every day for last five years. The word luxury has been attached to the car but should it be called as luxury? I say, it is a lifestyle, it is not luxury. Then what is luxury?

First tell me, how many mobile phones you have changed in last three years? If your answer is more than six, then it is the luxury. How frequently are you having dinner in the costliest restaurants in the town? If it’s more than five days a week, then it is the luxury. How many cars do you have for your personal use? If it’s more than one at a time, it is the luxury?

Lifestyle is to improve our daily life. It is a practice of doing good, to feel the happiness. Take care of your health, work out, proper food habit, cultural involvement, social causes, events, traveling, hobbies, recreation, etc.

The point is related with consumption and buying behavior. If a person buys a property, and then he can’t buy another immediately, that means he just added an extra value in his daily lifestyle. I find no luxury in it because it is his fundamental requirement. But if a person is buying multiple similar objects at a time and using only one then he is consuming without his primary need. It should be calling the luxury.


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  1. Een if I was rich I would not buy frivolous and ostentatious things.

  2. Pete Armetta says:

    I get your point but it assumes that one attaches money and society to what lifestyle and luxury is about whereas material things and not necessarily the only way they’re measured.

  3. I wonder if there isn’t confusion here between luxury and the excesses associated with consumerism.
    Luxury is a very elastic notion and it can be found in simple things as well as in costlier ones. Being able to affording the time to sit with your cat purring on your lap, savoring a meal that you’ve lovingly prepared rather than grabbing something on the run, growing flowers on your windowsill can be considered as some of life little luxuries..
    The number of small luxuries is endless and generally affordable and they must not be separated from the notion of pleasure.
    Even writing a blog is a small luxury that one couldn’t afford without time, a computer and an Internet connection.
    No need to drive a Ferrari to appreciate luxury.

    • chr1 says:

      Well said.

      Money can make your life easier, and luxury can make it better, but I think of money as a way to buy time, for luxuries and simple pleasures, and to think and write.

  4. AS Supreeth says:

    Hey Vikram,

    Great post! Loved reading it; and thanks for clearing up the definition for me too. Since my childhood I dreamt of spending a week Ina five star and then commuting suicide ( coz I never thought I would be able to pay the bill). Recently, I used a share of my savings to give an anniversary present to my fiancé and me by booking a stay at a five star. Ever since then, several friends and family told me that it was luxury and even waste of money. While I claimed that it was a short investment in my lifestyle and dream. What’s your take bro?

    Thanks and regards, Supreeth Sudhakaran Associate Editor PrintWeek India Haymarket Media India

    Print Zindabad!

  5. willowdot21 says:

    real luxury to me is to me is to have time to do what I want when I want and with whom I want. Totally selfish I know, but I spend most of my life doing what others want and keeping the peace!

  6. lifeofimpact says:

    I like your description of lifestyle – it’s very positive and realistic. We shouldn’t try to be starving ourselves of a happy lifestyle out of fear of being overly-materialistic or being too luxurious. I agree.

  7. kybedard says:

    Great Post! Ill be back for more.

  8. vam says:

    Good thought rouser, Vikram, as the responses prove !
    Time is the only luxury… Happiness the ultimate lifestyle.

  9. Our days, Poetry = Luxury and pop is a lifestyle…

  10. foundedna says:

    Thank you for checking out the drama on my blog. I really love what you wrote here- and how it’s got my mind working…and my soul searching. I’ll be back for more.

  11. Using your blog post, I could argue that we should share more as well. That is, how many hours out of the day are you using your laptop or your car?

  12. napperscompanion says:

    Thanks for your blog’s positive energy. And thanks for checking out my blog.

  13. iowajohnbirchsociety says:

    Nice post.

  14. ShimonZ says:

    I find this a very interesting article. My impression is that ‘life style’ is in itself a luxury. I feel no animosity towards the rich, and do not condemn anyone for choosing to buy luxurious homes or tools. I myself can buy anything I wish, without even thinking about the price. Yet I have only one car, and have bought only one cell phone in the past six years. I have two laptops… one a bit heavier with a large screen, and the other a very little one that I carry with me always in my knapsack. And I’m sure that the last time I bought a vacuum mug, it was an expensive one, thinking that they would be more effective than the cheap ones. But I am an old man. And I have to tell you, that as I have lived life, I have learned that possessions can weigh you down. That it is best to own as little as possible, and that consumption is not a lasting pleasure in itself.

  15. Oyeta936 says:

    Lifestyle for one can be considered as a luxury for another. And both can be from the same social demography. Life style behavioural. Luxury is perception.

    However, the best part….in today’s resource depleted world the modern man’s life-style is a luxury this planet can’t afford.

  16. jayantadeepa says:

    Yes Vikram, I give a lot of importance to my lifestyle. Luxury is ‘once in a while’ indulgence, and many a times (if honestly asked), not necessary. But I wouldn’t give up my lifestyle of reading, gardening, pursuing interests like music and writing, for the world. Good post!!

  17. […] you to consider another way of looking  at your ecological foot print.  Later, I read this post What is the difference between lifestyle and luxury.  When I came to the end of the article I realized Vikram Roy was saying exactly the same thing I […]

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