We, the working class people in public sectors, entertainment, politics, marketing, education, medical, PR, sales, laws, media, etc. the entire skilled pretenders “the innocent liars!” We are devoted in thinking differently the same different things. Latest survival policy is designed for those people who are capable of keeping secrets hidden from the society.

Bangalore Now A Days Photographed by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2013

Bangalore Now A Days Photographed by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2013

Capitalism = Cubism; it is like Picasso’s free style modern art ruined the classic art tradition. Modern art is politicized by sales, marketing, and media publicize. The incapable middle class is responsible for growing consumption of media hypocrisy. We believe in what media says in luxurious news packaging.  We engulfed to trust on what dominators contaminate to make us believe? In a recent sport drink marketing promotion one marketer asked me “Do you think breaking rule is important?” My mild response to her was, “No, I think improving the existing rule is more important”. Now suppose your laptop’s DVD drive is not functioning and you need some backup. What do you do? You replace a new drive or repair the old one or throw the laptop?

How satellites involve our everyday life? We don’t bother about, because we are ordinary. People control the space knows the depth of knowledge in on the ground. I was listening to David Bowie’s 1969 song “Space Oddity” where “this is Major Tom to ground control”, makes very basic sense that intelligent people are controlling activities of others. Not relating with corporate citizenship flotation; talking about micro existence policy, how a lower income man is getting responsible of making the life difficult for similar of his own category?

We, the people are victim of celebrity gossips, symbolic peace, politics, religion, economic empowerment, media illusions, fake doctors, mad scientists, and under-study medicines. We boost our general knowledge about all fabricated illustrated stories but not the transparent truth.

Understanding the pain points of the society and then addresses it by using innocent faces to empathize the mass who are listening attentively to the broadcasters to know the unknown secret massage encrypted with complete lies. This is the era of viral marketing strategy is applicable to internet, entertainment, advertising and news industry. As we call it “paid media” to make successful fake news, FMCG, fast food business, packaged products, telecom and satellite related business models. Concurrently manufacturers are trying to abolish all natural products.

What creative directors say? “The packaging is not looking very attractive, use bright colours and write an emotional tagline…  People are always being mesmerized by emotional words with bright colors!” A simple trust of attractive packaging might great inside!

How global news agencies refine news articles to inject poison into the society? How they channel fabricated stories through the local media and contaminate us? The truth is god heads have developed strategies to snatch the social run! God heads are fiscally strong enough to create a rapport to expose new ideas. I assume that both urban and rural markets are being observed like dissect laboratory frogs.

A few people are squeezing the hibernated society designing micro business strategies. The commoners are always involved in religious arguments, political disagreement, terrorism, and domestic violence. Life is too short in argument that they are not even realizing to get active before they are dying. Broadcast such news, TV series, movies to showcase “this is ideal life” is a continuous brainwash process working against the society.

Then, what is the active role played by the society? It seems they nominate fake leaders who betray their own people. Mouth shut! Better I should bother about my daily breakfast, work, lunch and dinner. The same is applicable to the rich who are living in luxury and don’t bother about twisted society! “Hey Vikram, what the nonsense you are talking? Now will you please stop this bullshit?”

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  1. gigoid says:

    Excellent ranting, my friend…. you tell it, and well…. and it’s no bullshit, either…. 🙂

  2. Have you heard of J GVibes and his book Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance ? http://Www.aotmr.com

  3. faridamakame says:

    Reblogged this on FaridaMak and commented:
    A great read that would make you question how you consume information from media.

  4. Summer says:

    Sweet you,

    I’ve an award for you, for the person who you are and the things you share with the world

    Thank you for that..

    Namasté, Summer

  5. […] People Believe in Luxury: The “Ground Control” Theory!. […]

  6. Amrita Sinha says:

    True! Well written; 🙂

  7. When I was first going to college, I was a graphic design major. I had hoped it would allow me to apply my artistic passion in a way that art reached the public. I was alarmed to find that most of my classes were just methods to teach me how to market what companies were looking for, what sells. I like the ideas you present about the orbit of control. It seems we’re so passive about ‘the powers that be’, perhaps it’s the same passivity that makes us so blind to anything except bright colors and emotional taglines…

  8. rutu raj says:

    Nice written by you….

  9. Mikels Skele says:

    Interesting post, but I think people have always had this herding tendency, but now, thanks to our communications technology, we can all be aware of it. In the old days, people just thought that whatever was common behavior and attitude in their village, or tribe, was just human nature. We haven’t changed that much; just the way we define our tribe, which is now by a sort of internet community of like minded people. We all see the folly of everyone else, but not so much that of our own chosen tribe. Strangely, we’re put in the paradoxical situation of feeling like exiles by the very technology that allows us to bond together.

  10. Very nice. 10 points for this. Although, David Bowie is a piece of jewish shit, in my view, that contributed to the brain-wash of the goyim around the world as you described. Music is a also a killing-tool today.

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