Do you still trust anymore on radio, television, magazines and newspapers? Once upon a time it was print and broadcast media designed the blueprint of modern revolutionary society. These, one way communication systems ruling more than a century, created many wonders; also betrays human ethics for many times. We lost identical local cultures and adopt artificial closed door events due to mediocre false media environment.

Entertainment goes under control by few decision makers. Media politics worked like drugs; easy to get addicted and causing an unproductive society. Media delivers endless ideas but it doesn’t tells, how to apply? Even being educated, people don’t know what is good for the society. People knowing new things daily basis and do believe the facts. This disability is one of the boneless disease spreading on air. People have no guts to turn televised ideas into reality. Time proved once again that technology people develop for good causes being misused after some time. And this time it is about the control of the knowledge.

The only way to change this poisons environment is by standing against the one way media. The one way media that designed to create a dumb society. Here audience do not share their opinion and lost themselves from day to day. Be careful you are not becoming a victim of such mass media. People, based out of their daily available society should learn how to respect their own tradition (e.g. food, dress, language, culture,  occupation etc.). So, media taught to think beyond but doesn’t teach how to cross the line of experience.

Self Help, Confidence, Importance

Walk on Liberal Thinking, Don’t Trust on Media without Investigating the Fact. Painting by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2013

A research study is saying most of the Television viewer’s feels the luckiest because they think that they are one of the few lucky viewers of that particular show. They also feel like great achiever in taste of picking a show. The researchers also saying even the neighbour is watching the same show but feels superior at the same time of his selection. The social scientists discover the truth that how media is harmful for the society and create superior complexity and increase distance between the friends, relatives or neighbours. The pseudo media environment based on newspaper, magazine and television creating celebrity controlled society, is causing several damage into the society as well as effecting our personal relations. Obviously, the topic is good for a long run debate but media people are practicing an ugly experiment.

Don’t become a couch potato, just because you lost your ideas by getting media addicted. One way media left no choice than watching television or reading newspapers. Why not check the outdoor world! Several electronic and social groups are available to listen to our ideas and give chance to speak out our mind. I, become used to with two way communication media (e.g. Local cultural groups, social workers, meet bloggers, watch online videos, comment, like and dislike etc.) Broadcast and print media is poisoning the society by dominating one way communication system. I believe, educated youth don’t rely on the one way media. The day has come when we should value our own ideas rather than asking others by false quality assurance


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  1. swabby429 says:

    Much of my opinion about mass media stems from my former employment in broadcasting. If the public really understood what goes into the production and editing of their favorite news reporting, they’d switich it off.

  2. The most astonishing thing about today’s media is the lack of coverage and any indication of the frightening nuclear reactor mess in Japan poses for humanity. The radiation containment has failed and is spiraling out of control. This is a catastrophe of the greatest magnitude threatening the entire planet. Radiation contamination in migrating fish species(tuna) have been caught of Pacific coast of USA.

    • smilewidabhi says:

      I echo you… Media has become so reactive that they are left reporting the aftermath of what has happened than presenting what may happen wrong.

  3. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  4. I agree with you. The media is no longer driven by true journalism. News shows are all about entertainment and quick snippets of newsworthy events being delivered by beautiful people (talking heads). Print media focuses on the views of their owners (usually politically motivated).

  5. chr1 says:

    Good artwork as always and very well said, Vikram.

    Trust is easily misplaced, and habits are easy to form.

  6. So how are we supposed to find the real truth?

  7. Troythulu says:

    Interesting piece, Vikram. Here in the ‘States, the broadcast media has played a large part in polarizing people. This has turned even friends and family against each other and made them unwilling to discuss their differences without quarreling or violence.

    This is especially so on the Web, and there are many times I see people I know, who often pride themselves on being good thinkers, succumbing to media deception.

    It’s an object lesson to me never to be too proud of myself, for I just might be deceived about things which I think are true. We all have human brains, and we can all be fooled because of that fact, especially by ourselves.

  8. joshuadragon says:

    Well, it’s true what you write. The media is an accurate tool for the ‘Power’ and cheaper than an open dictatorship.
    However, it will be more and more sophisticated, misleading and dividing, up until we, the majority do not stand up and re-create it.
    The problems are not the radio, TV, magazines and so on, but the undeveloped conscience of their owners, editors…
    The 1st world became a consuming society, like everyone should be an over-aged and over-sized baby, meant to be without any growing. And this is our part of responsibility, it can and will only go on, until we ask, say, demand differently.
    Media recently is making money on us.
    If less and less of us believe, watch, listen to them, paying more attention to each other, than the ‘change’ may come. But we need to act for that, and we need to form it.

  9. It frustrates me that I can listen to news every day yet find out more of what is happening on the internet. Even here on WordPress. I am grateful for mr WordPress family. Hugs, Barbara

  10. willowdot21 says:

    Good to see you back!

  11. brownie58 says:

    Huxley and Orwell each had different visions of the future. Both were right.

  12. V., we can trust the media as much as we do our elected officials……namely, the POTUS.
    Is he a liar? That’s simple. Does a fat baby fart?

  13. Lindy Lee says:

    Well done on the painting & writing. Thanks so much for becoming a follower of my poetry…

  14. ur thoughts on media is beautifully written

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  16. obzervashunal says:

    very well written… woke me up… thank you!

  17. Increase Okechukwu Divine-Wisdom says:

    Spot on! The media is generally more interested in selling papers and getting views than in telling the truth of what happened.

  18. Council Chic says:

    […] View Post […]

  19. unclerave says:

    The purpose of our corporate media is no longer to “inform”. For a long time now, the purpose is to “control the message”. — YUR

  20. Totally uninterested in Media of all kind.. Thanks for bringing up the subject.. I am so satisfied to listen to the weather forecast..

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