There are so many real life lessons, stories to believe unbelievable. Those are the stories people remember that printed on the papers. Like, a hero does regular thing in irregular way. Hope all of you got the point, what I am trying to say.

It is very simple. Suppose you want to get noticed then you have to do something that people do not able to do. As example, in sales for a XYZ company, suppose a guy is selling the maximum number of SKUs get noticed by the top management easily. They become icons who are taking risks to gain.

Risk is there if you are fighting against your will. Do not fight yourself. Learn to express yourself open and clear. I learned many things in my marketing career. Marketing is an art, involved in copywriting and designing that produce best brands. A new product becomes popular only by creative ideas. There is no particular formula to get result for similar brands, you have to learn mix up all ideas in your own way.

Build yourself like Batman

Build yourself like Batman

Scientific formula by following some regular repetitive tasks is not good for a long term sustainable product, as well as for the company. It produces less results. From my past experience in a telematics company, based out of Bangalore, I found it was horrible, the top management were pushing the sales team to an extreme level. It was a mental harassment and torture. Do you thing that produce good result for that company? What happens, they remain in the shadows, mostly depending on the existing clients. No progress for the last three years.

In product based market, keep updating the technology is very important. No company can sale a single product for lifetime. Even the product is really good. Standing in the cloud and lightning like a thunder does not happen in the business world.

Also a suggestion to all sales professionals is, do not become frustrated suppose you are not able to produce expected result. You should first learn the defects in the product. Then it will be easy to face your customers.



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  1. Good Advice… Pushing hard from the top down to do well is not always constructive to getting the best results, as in co-operating as a team to do well with encouragement.. 🙂

    Sending you thoughts your way Vikram and hope you have a relaxing weekend..

  2. gigoid says:

    Good to see you posting again… Take care, amigo….

  3. Troythulu says:

    Sound advice, and a good post. Enjoy the week, Vikram, and I hope all goes well.

  4. msaloni42 says:

    the post is really good and informative…

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