I am a fan of Batman. I can’t say a big fan because in my childhood at Indian town, Basirhat, Batman was not very well known comics character in the early 90’s. It was my good fortune I got a free copy of Batman and Robin inside the Kellogg’s corn flakes pack in 1997. My first introduction with the detective had stolen my teenage heart. Since then I was lucky to order few copies of Batman comics in my nearest book shop. It was quite nostalgic, and full of hyperbole and emotion.

The recent Fox – popular TV series Gotham attracted my attention. I was very curious in Batman comics to know the backgrounds of all the criminals and masterminds. What made those psychopaths to becoming the eternal hellish villains?  This TV program fires the curiosity of the creation of Gotham, the city of crime that never sleeps.

Gotham TV Series, Seaon One by FOX

Gotham TV Series, Season One by FOX

I don’t dig a deeper hole, or any major criticism on the characters and the story. I am seeing lots of blogs already reviewing this program. It is a very good work done by the program creator, Bruno Heller. Till Season one, Episode 10 the story and creativity was speechless. May be different creative team could have been different ideas but I found maturity in developing all the characters with small facts and the dots.

But seems like the last two episodes were quite amateur in terms of storytelling. The character’s development were quite funny. Fish Mooney’s role got quite ridiculous as a gangster specially after her plans caught by Carmine Falcone. Even her overall plans to take the city under her control were like a beggar’s dream! Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin’s multiple noses got noticed by Sal Maroni on his unconsciousness made it less interesting. Dr. Leslie Thompkins was introduced in Arkham Asylum was expected on her maturity as a crime insider. Here I think the director and creative team were trying to make up their wrong selection of Barbara Kean’s character by selecting Erin Richards. Dr. Leslie Thompkins character to develop a substitute to becoming the side to James Gordon was not interesting. At the end of the Episode 12 it seemed like they enforced by the director and creative team to kiss each-other which was damn spoiler and so quick affection. Hope the Gotham team will come back with interesting stories about those criminals. Their past life might be critical and psychopathic which would make us believe the born of Batman was quite necessary.



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  1. sarij says:

    I agree with your assessment. The original idea of highlighting the criminal elements of Gotham and how they came to be is now getting lost in a silly soap-opera like plot. I am already tired of Fish Mooney and Barbara.
    The producers promised viewers they’d learn the origins of our favorite villains, but so far we are just learning is how silly the mob can be.

  2. willowdot21 says:

    Very Dark very good!

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