Bangalore is the number one living destination in India for the smart and intelligent people. Here daily life depends on dedication, hard work, and punctuality. Only one problem in the city is the Traffic Jam. Bangalore’s well known public areas like Majestic, Silk Board, Koramangala, Banashankari, Bommanahalli, Electronic City, HAL, etc. are highly crowded during office hours.

This issue can not be solved immediately because the intercity transportation options are very limited. Namma Metro or ‘Our Metro’ project is going on which will take a lot of time to cover up the entire city under the metro rail service. Indian metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, have multiple intercity transportation options. In different cities, Public Transportation, Metro Rail, Intercity Railway, Tram, and Ferry Boats are popular services. Especially in Kolkata all five transportation options are very popular. But Bangalore is totally depending on diesel, gas and petroleum vehicles. Here people can miss out a university exam, office meeting, school event, million dollars business deal, train, flight, seminar, etc. just because of traffic delay. The value of time is always very important. We can miss a lot if we fail to reach in time. Here, premium cab service in Bangalore come to our rescue.

Here 24/7 cab service is available on call. Ola cabs, Uber, Taxi for Sure, Meru, Airport Taxi, are quite a few of them. The car rental companies sometimes cannot take bookings because of overload of their service.

Premium Cab Service Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Premium Cab Service Photo Credit: Wikipedia

I had a critical experience with a popular cab service provider in Bangalore. Albeit I booked a cab one day in advance, but they were not able to provide me a cab on time. They told that they don’t have any cab available at my location at that moment. In such situation, I needed alternative contacts of cab service in Bangalore. I don’t like to take a risk at the last moment of my journey. I got many good options and smooth AC cab service in Bangalore. I experience safe and hassle free travel.

One more important fact is the limitations of baggage you can carry inside a cab. Sometimes you may have some extra baggage. In such situation, you need proper communication at the time of booking cab. In fact, drivers can not allow more baggage inside the cab because of traffic rules. You shall call customer support help desk to clarify such issue. You can get Bangalore cab service customer support numbers from online directories and yellow pages. Also, drivers are very co-operative, you shall ask them to connect the help desk executives and clarify any issue over the phone. Overall cab service in Bangalore is promising and they do help to reach the destination on time.



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  1. have a car and moved to new city. Seems will take long time to learn to get around. CAB$$$$

  2. arcade1775 says:

    wouldn’t mind visiting even more. still have that Shiva/Shakti painting of yours as the wallpaper on my phone btw. ^^

  3. Reblogged this on Courtneycommercial's Blog and commented:
    Here is a city that a lot of changes are needed. I expect the first thing is to create taxi lanes and dedicated car pool/bus lanes and create more surface transportation. Limit amount of personal vehicles in the more populated areas at specific times possibly.
    A lot can be done now and in future to improve travel in the crowded areas. Even traffic agents to help direct and enforce vehicle code of conduct as it is created. So much to do in that city that can help now and even more so later.

  4. I have been using some other service providers like “” and they have been providing impeccable services, especially for airport transfers in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi – I have travelled from Bangalore airport to the city in affordable price.

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