Big (1988) – is a comedy movie directed by Penny Marshall, starring Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia and Jared Rushton. The characters in this movie are brilliant. I do not feel bore or over-acted throughout the film.

In this film, I found many good things to learn. Like, Josh and Billy had a wonderful friendship. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Then the character of Susan (Elizabeth Perkins), her arrogance, smartness and seductive corporate nature turned calm when she gets closer to 30-years old Josh, who is innocent like a 12 years boy (because he is a twelve-year-old boy).


Picture: A chance of encounter where Josh impressed Mr.MacMillan, the owner of the MacMillan Toy Company and after that Josh promoted to testing new toys. From the film, Big (1988).

Mr. MacMillan (Robert Loggia), the nature of a true businessman and visionary, who knew to whom to invest for market growth of his toy manufacture business and take it to the next level.

Here I pointed out five reasons why you must like the movie “BIG“.

1. Be careful before, what you wish from unplugged Zoltar? 

Josh (David Moscow), a little boy of thirteen who wished to an unusual antique arcade fortune teller machine called Zoltar Speaks to become “big”. The machine was dramatically supernatural and was unplugged at that moment. When Josh woke up next morning, he found himself turned into a grown-up 30 years old man (Tom Hanks). Next time when you get a fortune teller machine like Zoltar, be careful what you wish!


Picture: Zoltar Speaks from Movie, Big (1988).

2. “A thirteen-year-old boy always wants a thirteen-year-old girl”:

Mr. MacMillan (Robert Loggia), owner of one of the big toy company in New York, spends his valuable time to kid’s toy store in the city to read their mind. According to his personal opinion of reading the children’s mind, he came to a conclusion that every thirteen years old boy wants a thirteen years old girl for playing. To some extent, I felt his opinion is indeed correct.

3. Woman loves innocent man, but she also wants some point of maturity to choose him as husband:

Susan (Elizabeth Perkins) played a magnificent role in this film. She shows how cruel and ruthless it can be working inside a corporate in the city of New York. Here people can do anything to secure a job or earn a position.

Her true seductive nature to ride on the corporate ladder was touched by humanity when she came closer to know Josh, (who got a low-level job at MacMillen Toy Company. A chance encounter with the owner Mr.MacMillen of the company leads him to a promotion testing new toys).


Picture: At a kid’s fair Josh spotted Susan’s cheek filled with melted ice cream, when she licked the ice cream at once. From the film, Big (1988).

4. In love, there are sacrifices:  

Throughout the film, Elizabeth Perkins acted very well in Susan’s character. Especially at the end when she was decided to marry Josh but came to know the truth that Josh is just a boy of thirteen, she accepted the whole matter very honestly. She respected the choice of Josh (Tom Hanks) to turn again into thirteen-year-old and enjoy his life as a child.

5. If the same story will remake in Bollywood what will happen?

– Instead of Zoltar, in Bollywood it will be Bajrang Bali.

– When Josh asked Susan to come back to thirteen again, in Bollywood version Susan will say “yes”, and she will jump on it. (If the director follows the original story then perhaps he will read this review and prove I am wrong). 🙂

– It will be obvious that Bollywood version will include at least six – seven songs which will increase an extra hour for the Indian audience.

Hope you enjoy this review. Do not miss the film, Big (1988) if you still not watched.

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  1. I enjoyed the film very much. Tom Hanks is so versatile.

  2. I always loved this film and have it on a DVD.. watched it many times.. 🙂 and still enjoy the child like innocence within it.. 🙂 Many thanks for sharing.. Enjoy your weekend Vikram.. Sue

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  4. Broadway made a surprisingly good musical adaptation of Big a few years ago. Therefore, the songs exist, all ready for Bollywood to translate!

  5. madamidea says:

    one of my favorite movies I used to think it will happened to me too working in a toys store, never happened… LOL

  6. Wonderful post on a movie that has been a long time favorite. Tom Hanks is one the best actors, as well, and now you’ve inspired me to watch this again! 🙂

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