As I worked as a Marketing Executive for more than three years and also worked on several sales assignments. From the past three years of my experience, business improvement of the SMEs depend on the leadership skills of good Sales Managers.

The Sales Managers fail in sales due to the lack of KYC and reporting the fact. Also they do not possess neat marketing knowledge and sometimes the failure they try to burden on Marketing team, that damages sales cycle for most of the new companies. Here are some of the important reasons I am pointing out that may help sales managers to justify their role.


1. A Sales Manager should be a born leader:

Leaders lead the flock. Most of the freshers and executives do not listen to their Manager. A Sales Manager should be convincing enough to educate his flock. Executives are your internal clients when they are convinced the sales will become easy.

2. Never say it’s “difficult” at team meetings:

I noticed most of the sales executives and trainees come back with excuses and complaints from the failed customer. When Sales Manager says, “I know it’s very difficult, but this is your job, you have to bring results.” This sounds like a force. It also creates hesitation about the product quality in executive’s mind.

Never say “difficult” or “hard” or “you have to do sales” to a sales executive. Control your own language to motivate your team.

3. Report the truth:

Many Sales Managers do mistake in reporting. You should practice to share the truth with your boss and do not predict unnecessary target that you or your team cannot achieve. False promises may please your boss for a short time, but your boss loves results.

4. Your team is your success do not manipulate the team:

Some sales managers are very political. They come back from the board of director’s meetings and call the executives about the meeting. He tries to manipulate them from his own point of view. Once I was working in the Marketing Department, I discern a Sales Manager who always was trying to manipulate his team members against the company. He held multiple layers of colours and use them for different occasions. But seriously this attitude will lead you ashtray.

5. Mind your own business knowledge:

I see people coming with long time sales background mostly lacks Promotion and Marketing knowledge. When business growth depends on both the sales and the marketing together. Where the style of the works are totally different.

Marketing is based on human psychology, research, industry inside, knowing-you and knowing-your-customers. They do the present market research to notify the customer’s behavior. They present the marketing plans and promotional budget. Marketing leads the lead generation process for the sales team.

When Sales Managers come up with the practical field knowledge to increase sales on the ground level. But always remember both of you are good in your own areas, so please do not try to overrule each other’s work. It will crush into conflicts and hamper healthy business growth.


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