The world of entertainment has gone extremely advanced and very exciting. Today I am going a close encounter with a bunch of vigilantes and superheroes who are in action on the television screen. Already many comic book heroes are popular in animated television shows especially made for children and cartoon lovers. Superheroes are being loved by all of us today from comic books to television screens everywhere. For the last three decades, we witnessed a list of powerful Box Office superhits in the Superhero films category. Now we can see them alive on the TV screen too.

Here I spotted out five excellent superhero television series running for last three years. Most of these superheroes are from the house of DC and Marvel Comics based on some of the greatest comic book characters.

  1. Arrow (The CW – American Television Series) Started April 24, 2012 – Running Season 4: The CW’s Arrow is the first modern television superhero series based on DC Showcase character Green Arrow. I am a huge fan of the vigilante hero, Oliver Queen played by Stephen Amell. This show has many ups and downs but they do new experiments with the charecters that always make it interesting. How Oliver is going to protect Starling City in the Season Four?
    Photo: Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, from The CW's Arrow Television Series

    Photo: Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen from The CW’s Arrow

    Already three successful seasons of Arrow has been aired. The season four is coming soon with all new stories and many surprises.

  2. Daredevil (Netflix – American Television Series) Started April 10, 2015 – Running Season 2: Marvel Comics and Netflix’s Daredevil, the blind lawyer and vigilante Matt Murdock played by Charlie Cox is my second favourite television show. This is a very interesting series because it shows how an ordinary orphan boy who blinded in an accident and got some superhuman skills and sixth sense. With the practice of meditation he enhanced his abilities and masters in various martial arts technique to overcome his spirit. He fights for the justice at the highest limits of his skills and protects Hell’s Kitchen, NY at night.

    Photo: Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, from Netflix's Daredevil

    Photo: Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, from Netflix’s Daredevil

  3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC – American Television Series) September 24, 2013 – Running Season 3: Alike Marvel’s first class super heroes the Avengers and X-men, ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are a group of extraordinary men and women who fight major against the Nazi terrorist gang named Hydra and other unclassified inhumen living around the world. Agent Phil Coulson who leads S.H.I.E.L.D.’s very special team of intelligence, they investigate strange occurrences happening in the world and protect regular citizens. Two successful seasons already aired.
    Photo: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season-2 Banner

    Photo: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season-2 Banner

    At the end of Season-2 finale when solving an inhuman mystery Agent Phil Coulson lost his one hand. I am waiting eagerly for the Season-3 with a lot of excitement running through my veins. I am thinking what’s coming next?

  4. The Flash (The CW – American Television Series) October 7, 2014 – Running Season 2: The CW’s the Flash is one of my favourite family telivision shows. This series started in collaboration with the CW’s Arrow. Forensic scientist Barry Allen in his childhood saw an impossible super speed meta human murdered his mother. That day the police did not believe in his statement and imprisoned his father. Adult Barry played by Grant Gustin was happy, despite his childhood trauma. Then oneday in an accident Barry struck by lightening and discovers super speed in himself.

    Photo: The CW’s Flash played by Grant Gustin.

    Barry teams up with Dr. Harrison Wells (later known as Reverse Flash), Dr. Caitlin Snow, scientist Cisco Ramon and detective Joe West to fight against the crime in Central City. The season one was cool, notable supervillain Dr. Harrison Wells played by Tom Cavanagh was an interesting charecter.

  5. Gotham (FOX – American Drama Series) September 22, 2014 – Running Season 2: FOX’s Gotham is an experimental television drama series to dig the past of Bruce Wayne (before he becomes Batman). Commissioner Jim Gordon had promised young Bruce Wayne to catch the murderer of his parents but due to lack of evidence the case remains unsolved. Bruce runs his own investgation to know the reason and identify the murderer. On the run in corrupt city Gotham where everyday a new criminal gets birth.

    Photo: FOX’s Gotham

    I am surprised watching Gotham Season one. I hope Season two will be more surprising.


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  2. Arrow is the only one that I started to watch Vikram. I came across it by accident switching channels one day.. and have to say in the beginning it was a good story line.. I lost track of it for a while but picked it up again last year.. I have not seen it this year. So I do not know if its still being shown .. It stuck a cord with me as I grew up alongside Robin Hood 🙂 😀

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