Green Lantern: The Animated Series is one of the best Superheroes animated series from DC Universe. This series is about Hal Jordan, the first Green Lantern of Earth and his adventure in Red Lantern Invasion. But at the end the story becomes bigger than just a comic book story. Here come the top 5 moments I loved to see again and again. What about you?


1. Hal Jordan wearing Orange Rings in a visit in Vega System which manipulate him into avarice or better known as “Greed” which ruin good in the soul. This episode shows how he fought against his Greed and Will and saved himself.


2. The first Blue Lantern, Sayd helping Green Lantern Kilowog. Together they are fighting against the Red Lanterns. And then comes the Mogo. I think all of the Green Lantern fans know who is Mogo?


3. Aya and Razer are fallen in love. You must know that Aya is an A.I. (Artificial intelligence). Days may near when computers will fall in love with organic emotions, “Interesting.”


4. Then comes the Mogo, an entire living planet. What do you think about our earth?


5. Ganthet found Sayd the first Blue Lantern of the universe. The Blue Lantern Power Rings are powered by the emotion of Hope. Created to bring hope to the future.


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  1. Honestly, I do not read comics. I will say that I have become quite entrenched in my son’s preference of a show called Naruto (it’s very good.) This show is Japanimation, and I’m not sure whether or not it was a comic book….

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