The moon caught his eyes, too bright
Sleep was not coming at night.
After trying too hard
Finally dozed at the morning
Can not remember, what was the time?

A man walked silently inside his dream
He had purple heart was burning in flame,
He had golden teeth and shiny claws,
Giggled like a hyena frightened and caught.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha…!” The man made the sound!

The dreamer took a pillow and sealed his eyes,
Started sleepwalking to save his soul,
Spotted some people were seating distance by fire,
He wanted to run towards them,
But the shadow hunted them all within a blink.

He can not sleep like a baby tonight,
In his dream, it was not everything alright,
The man was coming for him
Can not run, the man was quick,
He stood up and got an iron rod nearby.

“Wait, wait, let him come closer”
He played hard the iron rod with full courage and strength,
The shadow man disappeared into smoke.
He jumped upon his bed and cheered up “hurrah!!!”
His little sister was playing at his room asked, “what happened?”

Always love

Vikram Author: Timitzer

Photo: Author: Timitzer



Hi, I am Vikram, a friend of you! I would like to take this opportunity of personally welcoming you to my blog! You can read my book “The Alchemist A Mystery In Three Acts” Available now on : Always love, Vikram Roy

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  1. The night time dreams we have as children can be scary.. And we see shadows and faces within everything.. I enjoyed your poem Vikram,

    May you always have sweet Dreams… from a Dreamwalker. 🙂

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      When we wake up sometimes we can remember our dream consequences sometimes can not understand why the dream came? Only random images left inside our brain. Thanks, Sue. 🙂 Always love.

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