An interesting topic I read on Linkedin today “Being Street Smart Seller” written by Nagesh P M, Assistant Manager – Marketing at (Quest Informatics Private Limited). Literally, I meet Street Smart sellers in everyday walk of my life. Till date, I travelled at the streets and markets of 18 states and 3 national territories in India. I am a discoverer who witnessed present-day Indian Business, Market, Food and Culture closely from various levels of viewpoint.

The street smarts always caught my attention! Sometimes their slogan, sometimes their announce tone and sometimes on the television commercial. From the streets of Delhi to the highways of Kanyakumari, from the Gateway of India to Howrah station, I cannot forget many of those anonymous sellers.

An anonymous street smart seller was yelling at Delhi-Ghaziabad Local,

“Buy these pair of shoes and you don’t need to walk… these new shoes will make your way.”

At Howrah station, a guy was selling books,

“Buy a book, which can be your friend throughout the journey. You can read, site, and use it as a pillow.”

Then another anonymous guy at Sealdah Market,

“Apples are raining in this rainy season… buy apple only Rs. 40 / half kg.”

He was selling more apples than the seller seated next to him saying

“Apple Rs. 80 / kg.”

Picture: Riddler Source:

Picture: Riddler Source:

It’s indeed a lesson which we should learn from the street smarts. This is “What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School“. It’s a talent how you can influence the attention of your client in the trade by words? If the product range is too high or a concept selling then you should be street smarter to count on your every word! You should know how to win, playing with the word puzzles. That’s what companies pay advertisers to get the common audience interest too.

Selling a specific brand of toothpaste to 3.2 crore families every year in India, presenting revised version of similar ads, battering phrases like “family doctor” or “dentist’s No. 1 brand”, hope you acknowledged which “street smart” brand I am talking about?


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  1. they’re traders of words. or words are their trade more than the products they sell. interesting street advertising.

  2. Vincent Wambua says:

    “Great astounding piece! This was absolutely brilliant, genius, outstanding. It was remarkably enlightening and perfectly worded!”

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