A cold-hearted film based on vengeance. This winter, watch “The Revenant” played by Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass. Personally, I like the scene where Hugh fought with a bear.

156 mins. of an uninterrupted freezing thriller movie. In the plot, it showed how to survive with an instinct? How to earn the respect in life? The movie plotted on America in the 1820’s. Fight between the Red Indians and European migrants.

A huntsman named Hugh Glass sets out on a path of vengeance against his own people who left him behind for dead after a bear mauling. John Fitzgerald (played by Tom Hardy) is a stalker who was running for his life by fraud and lies. John murdered Hugh’s son who was a half European, born of a Red Indian mother.

The skin color issue, hatred and revenge. Overall the film is very fictitious as Hugh didn’t die in dangerous life and death situations and finally able to take the revenge. A must watch film.

Screenshot The Revenant

A screenshot from the film The Revenant (2015)


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  1. aikifox85 says:

    Interesting that you refer to Native Americans as “Red Indians”. It’s just funny how, just because Columbus got lost and thought he landed in India, these people are stuck being called “Indian”.
    Not criticizing, just making an observation 🙂

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