My dear fellow blog writers and readers, hope you remember my last review of Ramayana “Shattered Dreams” Book: 2 of “The Game of Life” series.  Hope all of you read the book written by a spiritual seeker, motivational speaker, and the author Shubha Vilas. I know many of you read my previous review and learned how Rama, the prince of Ayodhya was exiled from his kingdom for 14 years?

Rama, who vowed to uphold the truth of his father’s given words and embraced the miseries of 14 years banishment from his kingdom. Sita, the newly wed wife of Rama and Laksmana, Rama’s one of the soul bound step-brothers were also decided to follow him.

In the Book 3 of the Ramayana series, it continues the story of Rama’s destiny after his self-exile. A tremendous story of adventure in the set up of the southern lands of ancient India. Mountains, rivers and dense forest. Unknown  lands, jungle life, dealing with the animals, demons, and sages.

Rama, Laksmana and Sita were started living in Dandakaranya and getting used to with their new life in the care of mother nature. They were meeting sages and visiting ashrams. The sun prince was enjoying pious, peaceful and audacious time. Trees, animals, and mother nature became friendly with Rama. Except some unexpected attacks by the evil demons. Overall happiness was surrounded.

It was one day the evil king Ravana who found Rama’s beautiful wife Sita and became clueless in lust of her beauty. Ambitous Ravana dressed himself like a sanyasi, planned and kidnaped Sita. Rama lost Sita and became mind-broken, “Stolen Hope”. The search began all over the jungle where Rama found Hanuman, the brave monkey warrior. Together they started a new adventure.

The adventure will continue in the Book 4. I enjoyed reading Book 3 and wating for the next book. Hope all of you will enjoy Book 3. The book is available in Amazon and Filpkart online for your personal collection.

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