Marvel and Kabam released Contest of Champions in December 2014. I started playing since January 2015. Within six months Google Play rewarded Editor’s Choice badge to this game. Very few apps in my notice hit Editor’s Choice badge in a short time.


Contest of Champions Online PvP 3 vs. 3 Arena Game Play

The best part of MARVEL Contest of Champions is the UI (User interface). Kabam game developers have designed accurate game art of each MARVEL characters. Each part of this game is mathematics. During the play, I never found any miss calculation in power break, special attack, damage done, duplicate hero power awakening and the story quest designs.

Commencing the online game paly experience, a minimum Wifi internet connection and a game supported smartphone or tablet is required to play Contest of Champions. You can download the game from or iOS – App stores. The app is free of cost.

The game has an Alliance group facility which is a great advantage to a summoner to get valuable game points. An alliance group is limited to 30 members and all group members get a common Alliance Chat Room. The game has a Global Chat Room facility, and personal friend requests sending facility as well.


Screenshot: A Quest Map in Contest of Champions.

An interesting fact about MARVEL Contest of Champions is the mystery crystals. There are Daily Crystal, Alliance Crystal, Battle Chip Arena Crystal, Premium Hero Crystal, 3* Hero Crystal, 4* Hero Crystal, 5* Hero Crystal and many other surprising colourful crystals. Like me, I guess all players get attracted by those beautiful crystals in their daily game play habit.


Surprise Inside all Crystals

Contest of Champions is an adorable, incredible, and mesmerising game. In my opinion, this game is very similar to Karate Rank System. You can rank up a champion using ISO8, catalysts, and gold units that earned during the gameplay. There are six types of champion classes in the game: Science, Tech, Mystic, Skill, Mutant and Cosmic. Each type gets class benefits and disadvantages in the epic battles.

Kabam developers do regular updates in the game. I can remember a year ago when I first time played Contest of Champions was different than today. I like most part of this game except one thing which I do not like is the similar champion with different costumes, example: Daredevil Netflix and Marvel Daredevil or Vision and Age of Ultron Vision. Because they are not different champions, they are same characters only in different costumes which do not make any sense to me.

Always love!



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  1. unclerave says:

    Always been a big fan of Marvel! — YUR

  2. Now I am sure my Son would be well into this, 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful week Vikram 🙂

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