I aimed to write a series of five posts about the major champions and their different features in MARVEL Contest of Champions. Till date, Kabam has been released 11 powerful MARVEL women champions in the “Contest of Champions. All of these characters are nicely developed with their skills and additional powers. Some of them are so strong that they can alone take care of all the enemies in a quest. Also, some of them become invincible once they duplicated from crystals and their hidden power “ability awaken”.


Women’s Rule!!! MARVEL Contest of Champions

So far from my experience, Strom and Gamora are the top women champions in MCOC. I am following a dictionary A-Z sequence here,

BBlack Widow (Natalia “Natasha” Romanoff): In MCOC Black Widow holds a top position among the Skill Champions. She has combat skills and using her skills she gets bonus Class Benefit over Science Champions. She aims exact attack, calculated balance which produces massive damage to the opponents. From her three special Power Attacks, my personal favourite is the third Power Attack which decreases almost 45% health to the opponent.



The Black Widow from Contest of Champions Screenshot

C – Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers): Captain Marvel is one of the first few characters when MCOC began. She belongs to the Cosmic Champion Class and she gets the advantage when fighting Tech Champions.

“Captain Marvel’s abilities focus on flying headfirst into battle with a direct attack that hits hard and stuns enemies. However, her other ability absorbs enemy attacks that help power up Carol’s devastating Photonic Blasts to not only damage the enemy but to destroy their defence tiles as well!” – Josh Austin, D3 Go! Producer on “Marvel Puzzle Quest”

E – Elektra Natchios: A powerful Skill Champion using her Shurikens and Katana strikes. She uses sharp knives and takes down the opponents. Her attack sinks them to bleed and ensure the win. She can produce a massive critical damage with her Third Power Attack in the game.

G – Gamora: Being aGuardians of the Galaxy” member Gamora is a Cosmic Champion. She has a Class Benefit against Tech Champions but weak to Mystic Champions. Once Gamora gets duplicated and her signature ability awakens she can reach up to the God Slyer rank up and “knock out” her foes making an 86% critical health damage attack that sinks them to bleed.


G – Guillotine (Jeannine Sauvage): “Do I guide the blade, or does it guide me?” – Guillotine Motion Comic

She is a Mystic Champion in MCOC, Guillotine gets advantage fights against powerful Cosmic Champions. She is weak in fighting against Science Champions. Other Champions may feel very jealous because still date I felt her game art is the unique among all champions.

“Her signature ability allows her a chance to steal life from her foes with each strike. The amount she steals is tied to the amount of souls she fed into her ancestral blade.” – Kabam Game Designers Justin Ostensen


Screenshot from Guillotine’s third power attack.

M – Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers’ classic costume): Carol Danvers during the Kree alien invasion, the original Captain Marvel had gifted her the cosmic power. She first appeared as Ms. Marvel which eventually lead her today’s Captain Marvel. In MCOC Ms. Marvel character is a powerful girl with unique attacking styles. Though Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel are same characters but they are identical with their powers and combat styles.

A week ago I found her from a Premium Hero Crystal and started gameplay where I found her impressive in the second and third power attacks.

S – The Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff): A Mystic Champion with magic powers. Scarlet Witch is powerful against the Cosmic Class opponents and she is weak against the Science Class Champions. I found her very magical during the gameplay using her spell attacks. She can regenerate her health once duplicated.

During a fight with a similar health status Cosmic Champion like Venom, Thor, Ronan, Gamora, Ms. Marvel etc. she can win the game easily making massive health damage to the opponents.

S – Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy): Earth-65, an alternate Earth where fighting with Green Goblin Spider-man died. Gwen-Stacy was bitten by a radio-active spider and continued the Spider-man legacy. In MCOC Spider-Gwen has better sixth-sense ability than the Spider-man. She is fast, flexible, and strong. I still not having her in my team but during a special Story Quest play “Arachnid Action”, I found her worthy web-warrior.

S – Strom (Ororo Munroe): The strongest woman champion in Contest of Champion. Still date comparing to all women champions in MCOC there is no one like her. Even if I have given an opportunity to select my top five characters to play a difficult quest level, I will always select her first in my team.

Strom got massive attack powers, her all three special power attacks are damaging. No matter what she wins at every arena. I think in the game only Iron-Man has the storm protection armour which protects him. Otherwise, all characters are compromised in fear of the Strom.

T – Thor-Female (Jane Foster): Another supreme woman character in MCOC. She belongs to Mystic Class which means she is powerful against the Cosmic Class Champions and weak against the Science Champions.

Only worthy one can pick Thor’s hammer because the hammer chooses it’s mighty Champion. Jane Foster is fearless, honest and strong, she is very well fitted in her character. A perfect pick for the Collector in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Kabam introduces new champions in their regular game update. I hope in the future we will be lucky to experience more strong Marvel women champions in the contest.


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