This article is a part of the five posts series that I am featuring on MARVEL Contest of Champions mobile game. You can read my earlier posts to get more information.

Today I have selected top 10 Champions from MCOC based on their unique Champion Costumes.

Kabam game artists have been done very well research on MARVEL Champions to develop their costumes precisely based on Marvel Comic Book and Marvel Cinematic Universe. I believe, Kabam MCOC Game Designers Dominic O’Grady and Justin Ostensen and Art Director Gabriel Frizzera are doing great justification to shape all the Champion Costumes.

Coming to the top notch list of the Champions based on their Costumes in MCOC. Mostly they look as same as the original Marvel characters, for example, Spider-man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk etc. In rare cases, Kabam MCOC team has replaced their classic costumes and brilliantly put the new costumes.

Here I am following the dictionary A-Z sequence of the top 10 Champions based on their Costumes in Marvel Contest of Champions.

B – Black Panther (T’Challa): T’Challa, prince of Wakanda known as the Black Panther has been designed very elegant in MCOC. His costume art is one of the top game art, there is no doubt. Especially when he uses his power attacks, his vibranium panther claws shine purple which looks pretty neat. As a Skill Class Champion, his costume is tight to the skin that builds a perfect balance. His costume matches 100% to his origin.


Screenshot: The Black Panther MARVEL Contest of Champions

C – Cyclops (Scott Summers): Being a powerful Mutant champion Cyclops’s cross-eyed “X” X-men signature red costume gave him a valour and rich look. The skin-tight red outfit marks him always ready for the battle.

Kabam introducing many characters from Marvel Cinematic Universe. During Avengers Age of Ultron premiere in 2015 Kabam had been released Ultron Prime, Black Widow, and The Vision. Likewise, when Ant-man movie was released we found Ant-man and Yellow Jacket in the game. From Marvel Netflix popular TV series we found Luke-Cage and Daredevil Netflix.

D – Daredevil Netflix: Before introducing Daredevil Netflix, Kabam had released Daredevil Classic red costume champion in MCOC. When the new Daredevil Netflix Champion unleashed our alliance members were very excited to collect him.

D – Doctor Strange (Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange):  Doctor Strange serves the Sorcerer Supreme, the character first appeared in Marvel Comic series Strange Tales #110 (July 1963). In India, I never noticed Doctor Strange comic book in the comic book stalls.

Coming to the costume, in MCOC Doctor Strange’s costume art is one of the rare and unique. He looks incredible in his loose-fitting costume and at his back, the magical Eye of Agamotto cape looks elegant.

I – Iron Fist (Daniel “Danny” Rand): A combination of shiny green and gold colour costume fitted Iron Fist very nicely. His costume emphasises his character in the game and enlightened his Mystic origin.

M – The Moon Knight (Marc Spector): The name, Moon Knight has been fairly explained by his dramatic costume. Certainly the game Art Director, Gabriel Frizzera had given a great effort to develop this champion. His warrior costume with an unbendable silver rod in his hand given him an ideal Five Star champion look.

S – Spider-Man (Peter Parker): Who can beat Peter Parker’s Spider-man Classic Champion Costume? In MCOC, game developers did a detailed work on developing the spectacular Bug-eyed Spider-man’s costume. Spider-man is an elegant collection of The Collector (Taneleer Tivan) and so does a jewel in a Summoner’s team.

S – Star-Lord (Peter Quill): Among Guardians of Galaxy members I picked Star-Lord for his fashionable outfit in MCOC. His costume is bizarre.

T – Thor Jane (Jane Foster): Albeit I like both Thor and Thor-Jane Costume Art in MCOC but my personal opinion Doctor Jane Foster looks better for her feminine mystical features. She is strong, elegant, valour and proven herself worthy of swing the mighty hammer Mjölnir.

W – Wolverine (Logan): If you are a regular player of Marvel Contest of Champions then you may be knowing that 4th February 2016 Kabam had unleashed Old Man Logan, Wolverine’s Older Ego character. The Old Man Logan costume is unique for a champion because he dresses like an ordinary old man.

The classic Wolverine’s yellow beast costume which looks knitted very carefully at the beginning of Contest of Champions.


Screenshot: Wolverine Contest of Champions

Kabam releasing new champions almost every fortnight. Hope we will discover many fashionable champion “Costume Art” in the future.

In the next post, I will be featuring top ten Villains in the game Marvel Contest of Champions. Till then good bye and enjoy reading.




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  1. The most unappreciated super hero is Pizza Delivery Man.

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