Today it’s my fifth post on MARVEL Contest of Champions, an interesting online server based game featuring MARVEL Comic characters. Today I am sharing my experience about top ten champions in MCOC they become stronger and unbeatable when they get duplicated from the crystals. Also, “Signature Stones” are available in the game which can be used to unlock hidden abilities of the Champions.

People who are new to this game, FYI in MCOC we can have the same champions for several times. When we find a duplicate champion they increase mysterious bonus ability and their secret power awake.

All the champions can be duplicated. The powerful abilities of the Champions are hidden in the game required to unlock. I can fairly say, “Duplicate Campion” is the only cheat that makes your team stronger in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Here is my top ten pick of MARVEL Contest of Champions “Duplicate” Crystal!

A – Abomination: Abomination can “Irradiate” the target by poison, dominates over them by producing critical gamma damage and builds a constant weakness in them.

C – Captain America and Captain America WWII: The “Last Stand” Champion, Cap can block all counter attacks. Hold tight his vibranium shield as a weapon. Increase his “Signature Level” makes him invulnerable.

C – Colossus: Mutant Champion Piotr’s body is made of steel, get him as many as you can and recruit him to your team as a secret winner. His”Organic Steel” body does not bleed.

D – Doctor Strange: In Contest of Champions Dr. Strange has the super strange Signature strength. He can “Counterspell” means his special power attack meter can be constantly filled up whenever he gets succeeded to hit the target with his magic spells. Also, he can regenerate his health on every successful attack.

G – Gamora: Gamora has the hidden ability of “Assassination”. On successful duplication of Gamora, her “Godslayer Blade” becomes sharper and sharper and the target bleeds to quick death.

I – Iron Man: Iron Man overloads the Arc Reactor in his chest in case his health drops below 15%, it regenerates his health up to 20-25%. That’s a very useful “Signature Ability” and only can be utilized after Lucky Duplication.

J – Juggernaut: The “Unstoppable” Mystic Juggernaut can block all incoming damage to an unknown level. On every power attack, he makes significant harm and arise “Unstoppable” ability that keeps him no harm at a safe distance from the counter attack.

P – Punisher: Frank Castle has a high pain tolerance. As his Signature Level increase, he can “Defy Pain” keeps him alive for some extra time at the final moment.

S – Scarlet Witch: When the “Veil of Fortune” gets unlocked Scarlet Witch can  Regenerate Health, Stun and make powerful magical Hex Bolts attacks. You cannot imagine how powerful she is until you won’t have her “Duplicated”.

V – Venom: Venom is a Cosmic Champion. I do not know whether he is a good or evil force. When Venom gets “Duplicated” turns him into “Bloodlust”. He scares the opponents. Bleed them on every attack and a Cosmic Shield protects him from counter attack.


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