After the new Civil War 8.0 MCOC Update members of my alliance [BLOG], are telling me about many bugs. Some of the screenshot I have collected mostly the bugs I have seen during the play. These type of issue I never found before in past update.

We have recently started a WhatsApp group “MARVEL [BLOG]” to share those screenshots. I am posting few. I will post more soon.

  1. Text Overlapping Bug: It’s a common bug noticed by many of my alliance members here texts are overlapping and making trouble in selecting options. Find the below picture.

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2. Big Size Bug: Sometimes the size of the champions getting maximized and the screen information hiding behind the image. It happened to me last week, definitely looking very ugly. I was checking  Juggernaut “Champion Info” section see what I got here?


Juggernaut Champion Info Bug [MARVEL Contest of Champions]

3. Power Index Bug: When playing 3 vs 3 arenas and I paused the game and after few minutes started it again. The Power Index of champions moved their position and shifted in the middle of stamina bar. Kindly check it Kabam. Happened more than once.

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4.”The Blue” team  with Iron Faction Symbol??? : I was surprised to see this bug. Definitely, an error in Marvel Contest of Champions Civil War Update, if I had not mistaken, dear Kabam, please check it. You wrote “The Blue” and you used the “Iron Faction” symbol on “The Blue” team!!!


“The Blue” team  with Iron Faction Symbol???

5. Alliance Quest (AQ) Bug in Map 2: This is a seriously bad bug. Kabam please see the video carefully, what happened here? See SW hits THOR 61 times and THOR’s health not decreased at all. How it’s possible? Please fix this.


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