A long run TV series of the time, since 2012. I am speaking my heart once again about Arrow after three years. I am a true viewer of all the episodes of Arrow from Season 1 to 4.

Season 1: A good beginning of the series. I think “Season 1” created the platform of the Green Arrow plot. Read detail review “Click here

My Rating: 8/10.

Season 2: The best season so far in my opinion. The birth of Deathstroke. Manu Bennett’s acting was superb awesome. High tension episodes. I honestly loved the team behind the Season Two.

My Rating: 9/10.


Arrow TV Series 2012- 2016 “Destiny leaves its mark” Arrowed Deathstroke Mask, Season 2

Season 3: Oliver Quinn as Ra’s al Ghul, which was unbelievable at the beginning. Some episodes were not as expected.

Season 3, slowly took shape and ended well. Matt Noble’s cold voice, calm acting, and noble appearance made Season 3 interesting.

My Rating: 7/10.

Season 4: I am a fan of Green Arrow and a true lover of the Story. I never read any Green Arrow comics so I accepted what I watched.

Sorry, but I did not like Season 4 at all. Believe me, I really tried to be positive, till the end of the final episode.

Damien Darhk was the spoiler. But not only that some of the Team Arrow members overacted throughout the story which looked very ugly. Almost all main characters were avoiding the leadership of Oliver on the screen. Their over-confidence in almost everything seemed very stupid.

Sorry for giving a bad rating.

My Rating: 4/10.

I really felt poor performance by Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Black Canary, and Speedy.

As usual Stephen Amell, Paul Blackthorne, and Audrey Marie Anderson they did their best to cover up the situations.

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  1. gigoid says:


    I gave up on watching TV about nine years ago… but, if I were to watch any, it would be something of this genre…. fantasy is the only thing left on TV worth watching, as the digital effects available through computers can now make it all seem real on screen…

    Nice review though. I prefer honest opinion to sycophantic gushing…


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