Internet of things is the backbone of Twentieth-century World Wide Web that can connect all IP addresses through an online smart network system. The concept is to use a common protocol and links all smart gadgets to a common database center. The list of smart gadgets is huge; it is not limited to your Smartphone, laptop, and PC. IoT can establish the link to car navigator systems, autopilot in the flight, the submarine under the sea, Smart TV, Smart watches and so on. The possibility of this high capacity network is enormous.

In today’s world when we are using QR codes, BAR codes or a Cloud Computing system sharing data in many devices is a good example of the future of IoT network that we are stepping forward. This concept can be used getting anything at any place and share any knowledge to a remote land from any source of IP network system. The idea is to improvise the knowledge-sharing process and develop a huge network of database including humans and animals.

MIT student Mr. Kevin Ashton also the co-founder of the Auto-ID Center was first referred to the term Internet of Things in a presentation he had designed for Procter & Gamble in the 90’s. Modern warfare based on computerized machinery systems,

Modern warfare based on computerized machinery systems, animal tracking in a zoo or the National Parks, i-banking, core banking, smart wallet filled up e-coins, e-commerce, social security system, GPS, location based services etc. all come under the IoT tree.



IoT Tree – How it connecting us together? Pic Source: Wikipedia 


The huge database can be accessed from anywhere, any part of the world. This is just a beginning of the era that yet to enrich and developing us smarter day after day.


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  1. Colltales says:

    I worry that, apart from merchants and hackers, this technology has the potential to cause more harm to world consumers than the good it’s supposed to promote. As recent attacks have proved, every home appliance may be able to be used in a harmful way, against its owner and against people he or she never heard about, without their knowledge. I wonder if we’re not rushing towards creating a monster we won’t be able to control once it turns against us. Then again, many good inventions were perceived that way, at least initially. But to the majority of people around the world, the best thing about the Internet is that it’s free, open and chaotically democratic. That’s the side of it I’d like to see improved and protected, but I’m afraid those now promoting the IoT have little interest on doing anything about that. Cheers

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