Marvel Cinematic Universe is pampering us to engulf funny movies. Last Friday “THOR Ragnarok” released in India; I and my friends went to Cinépolis Royal Meenakshi Mall Bengaluru to find it out.

Back in July 2017, it was “Spiderman: Home Coming” released and I was surprised to see Spiderman was totally ignored in that movie. They made him stupid and hilarious character throughout the movie. At the last scene, the amateur teenage Spiderman lost the opportunity to become a permanent member of the Avenger, it was senseless. He could have used his superior spider sense and judge Tony Stark, whether Tony’s offer was real or fake. But he didn’t, instead of he had missed it all.

Coming back to the THOR RAGNAROK, one of the most waiting films in 2017. Especially, Marvel movie fans like me were waiting for the grand opportunity to watch the movie in the theatre. The movie was entertaining and at the end, it was quite serious. Even the people of Asgard paid a huge loss. Gods remain helpless and the Goddess of Death, Hela embarrass the situation to finally awake the torment of the monster Ragnarok, who destroyed their city.

Gods forced down to the earth to rebuilt Asgard. Thor lost one of his eyes in the battle. The film started quite unfortunate, Thor was getting into trouble after trouble. Where Hulk was breathing oxygen without oxygen mask outside earth in the Grandmaster’s alien planet.

The movie left few questions unanswered. But it was quite an obvious to keep them open.

I found the below song in youtube, where the story has been briefly explined. I will suggest everyone to go and watch THOR RAGNAROK.


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  1. Hi. I think we share the same opinion about Spider-man: Home Coming. And thank you for the link, I am definitely going to have a look at it. You are hilarious, I thought I was the only one who realized that Thor was able to breathe without any mask. Bye!

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