The day three in Sweden, my brother in law took us to the Åre Ski Resort. This is the one of the world’s top Ski Resort. This mountain resort has been selected for the 2019 WORLD SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS. Here, every second is getting counted by a Longines’s countdown clock.

The day we woke up 7 am in the morning, had breakfast and took the bus to Östersund Station. Our train was on 9:00 am from the Snowcity to Station Åre, Jämtland County. The distance between Åre and Östersund is 98 km or 61 miles. It was 1 hrs. 30 mins. journey by train.


Standing Outside Station Åre.

During the journey both the side, it was a nice and scenic view, full of icy hills, river, lakes and pine trees. Truly paradise. Though I am not sure of the local folks, how they deal with this place in their daily life. But I saw the small villages and towns side by the railway line, the people out there were looking bright and healthy.

The train reached the station around 10: 25 am. We found the Tourism office and took a local guidebook. Outside the station, our destination is to find out the big cable car which is taking the passengers to the top of the Ski Resort. After getting some help from the local’s we finally found the way to reach the snow covered mountain top.


Inside the cable car to reach Åre Ski Resort

When we reached the top, it was completely frozen, a heavy cold wind and snow storm were heating us. We like the cold but it was reminding me of the ice dragon was breathing on my face and whenever I removed my gloves to take few photos, I was unable to feel my hands. They were burned in the cold and senseless as well.


We stay there on top of the mountain for a little more than one hour and then came down to the city market around 2:30 pm.


We found the people were enjoying the winter sports at the Ski Resort.

We reached back to the Snow City at night 10:20 pm. The day went well.


With love,

Vikram Roy


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