This could not be possible to know Iran’s geopolitics, culture, war without reading the “Secret Notes From Iran”. The book I picked up randomly for review from LeadStart. I wanted to understand like a few things, what will be the difference between Iran and my neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan.

I traveled many of these countries and was curious to divulge the same about Iran. I found many known facts like the headscarf for women, solo performance is banned in public by woman, but I wasn’t aware of group performance is allowed by women. Interesting, to know the anti-American slogans posters in Teheran. I am worried about reading the notes on the high tension circumstances people living in, which deeply moved my utter sympathy for the peace and prosperity for the localities.


Book Cover: Secret Notes From Iran

I would like to thank lionhearted journalist, Mr. Nadim Siraj, for his brave storytelling. I would like to visit the historic Azadi Tower in Tehran. I would also like to thank Platinum Press for their honest approach of publishing the confidential notes. Great inventiveness and I would look forward to reading more geopolitical books in the future.


With Love,

Vikram Roy


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  1. willowdot21 says:

    Good review Vikram, nice to see you on here. I would hate to be a woman in any of the counties you mentioned or even Saudi Arabia. I suppose that is because I am a spoilt western woman. I just wish everyone coukd be kind to eachother, treat woman with respect 💜 Enough as I said it’s good to see you here again.💜

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