“The Outcasts”, named perfectly for this novel. The visual description of the storytelling that increased my appetite to read this book. How religion and culture portray society and add consequences in human life?

Lidija Stankovikj’s writing style is mind-blowing. During the study, I really wonder, how intense her research on the anthropologic diversity in different religions. Her writing style is vigorous and the footers are very helpful time to time to understand typical terms associated with a different culture. I also liked the chapters like The River, The Kalpataru Tree,  A Thread of Evil, there were stories concealed like the jewels and added new flavours, colours to portray the characters in the novel.


Book Cover: The Outcasts

The story is wrapped around major three characters, their spirituality, religious practices, fight about survival and breaking out the obstacles to overcome the criticality of their moral obligations.

To live in a society, where we all have to oblige a few rules and embrace the reality. Which is always a difficult task. People who cannot oblige by the hardcoded reality is bound by the sadness and battling an eternal fight against their very existence. Which is not wrong and the world keeps learning from them and evolves.

Thanks for the book and heads up to Ms. Lidija for your excellent first novel. I will wait for your next book.



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  1. Dear Vikram, thank you for your beautiful and generous review 🙏

    • VIKRAM ROY says:

      Hi Lidija, it’s nice to hear from you. Surprising, wow you read my review! Thanks and keep in touch. Are you still living in Bangalore? We may catch up and help each other for some common interest in writing. Feel free to catch me at vikram.ry123@gmail.com

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