When I started reading “The Hidden One”, the first time I was shocked about knowing a hidden page about history where children of the cruelest Mughal Emperor, Aurengzeb had so many sons and daughters and some of them such as Zebunissa who tried to rebel, protest against her father silently through an artistic way of creating secret poetic society such as Makhfi. Makhfi secret society may still exist made by blood pressure increased and made me think what type of poetry they might be writing these days. Interesting novel.

As Ruchir already mentioned in his note, it was hard to find historic evidence of all the facts what was really happened in the past? But he tried to fill the gaps by adding his own imagination. I truly admire the piece of work. I also came to know about his past novel Mistress of the Throne, I will be glad to read that book and review. It seems like I have watched Baahubali 2: The Conclusion before I watch Baahubali: The Beginning. The content of the story is very cinematic and wish Ruchir to make these novels as feature films in the future so more audience can come to know about such thrilling historical fictions.

the hidden one

Cover Page: The Hidden One

Thanks for the book. I wish there will be more illustrations in the book in the future editions. I also wish to know if there is any hidden society such as Makhfi if still exists. Wish you all the best Ruchir for your beautiful 2nd book.


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