Zester of Life

We are less worried about ourselves,

We love, living a sour lime life,

We chill, we forget, and we ask for more.

Can’t stop! We ask for more, more, and more.


We drop word bombs, and shower acid bulbs on others,

We swear to take responsibility for our loved ones,

We spend some good time together,

Then we forget our responsibilities.


We have a ready-made excuse by saying,

” I am just an ordinary human, not God”.

We try to skip out of the situation,

But far we try to escape issue runs behind.



With Love





Your Chance To Win!

What are you waiting for?

This could be your chance to win!

Don’t stop now! You are closer than you have thought!

Believe me! You are closer to win this all.


Don’t think twice, start today!

Move forward to get all the rewards that you ever wished for.

Be honest and trust in yourself!

Read this foolish poem correctly. Rewards to be won.


Don’t forget to take the next step and move ahead!

You are born to win and nothing can stop you now.

If you have just started playing, then play hard!

If you have played earlier then set your next goal.


Remember, if you are smart then the rewards could be all yours.

Mistakes may happen, but don’t need to worry!

Don’t stop and don’t think twice.

Becoming a seeker is better than being ignored!



With love



Way to Eternity!

Nothing is beyond that you cannot think.

Nothing is false that people cannot prove.

Sometimes you know things, that you cannot utter,

Sometimes you are not ready to say, but you have to say!

Honesty is under “?” mark!

One day you had considered them as friends.

Next day, they don’t remember your name!

Nothing to lose new, that you had already lost before.

Do not worry to walk into the sun.

Remember, someone is always waiting for you,

Who can stand by you and hold your hands?

The one who will show you the way to eternity.


With love

Vikram Roy

A Boat to Retrieve

He was not alone that day,

He had friends with him.

While they smoked, they played cards!

Together they ate, cheered and drank.

The evening bells chime from a far distance.

They took a boat and sailed high in the tidal river.

Oiled lanterns twinkled on the deck.

They sang in a chorus!

“Amar Shonar Bangla, Ami Tomai Valobashi!”

They hold their hands tight.

They danced the whole night.

They said to each other: “How happy we were there!”

They realised the partition was a grave mistake.


A Boat to Retrieve! Photo: Vikram Roy 2016

With Love,

Vikram Roy