My friends Ruma, Rimi, Soha, Shiela, Varsha, Rony, Anil, Vinod and many like them, are worried about what should be their Today’s unique WhatsApp status? I was talking with my friends at the college cantine, gym centre, football coaching club everywhere  now people are using WhatsApp frequently. People at work, friendship, love, broken heart, angry, romantic, Valentine’s Dat, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, New Year, Eid, Onam, Durga Puja for every emotion and occasion you need ‘An Outstanding WhatsApp Status.’


WhatsApp Status builds up your strong impression among your network of contacts!

Many of my friends keep changing their WhatsApp status on every 5 seconds. Some of you are blaming others, cursing your friends because of they are updating smart and super cool WhatsApp status. Here is a little secret I am going to disclose!

Almost 90% of my friends like my everyday WhatsApp status. Sometimes they ask me, “Viky, can you help me with a WhatsApp status for today?” I giggle, then I quickly ask them what mood you are right now? Then I open my secret source, the Encyclopedia of WhatsApp Status:

Yes, my dear friends and readers, a good news for all of you… mo more fingers burning, ripping your hairs, here comes your friendly WhatsApp Status suggestions bank. Update cool status and become one of the WhatsApp Status Super Heroes.

Sunil broke up with Nidhi, that evening he copied a WhatsApp Status:

“I don’t promise you to wipe your tears but guarantee that I will cry with you….”

Within next 30 seconds, he got a call from Neha, Nidhi’s sister. She said, “After reading your WhatsApp status Nidhi broken into tears, Sunil please come quick.”

Miss Rupa Patra, currently lives in college hostel updated her Happy Mother’s Day WhatsApp Status :

“My relationship with my mother is unique because I have known her since before even I was born. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.”

After reading her WhatsApp status, her mother immediately called her. They had spoken for long hours that day they normally don’t. They felt blessed. Thanks to

Also, writers interested in joining are most welcome. They pay to write WhatsApp Status. Register with them today!




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